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The Best Sex Positions for Micropenises

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 28, 2017
The Best Sex Positions for Micropenises

Many men are tormented by the size of their penis, especially when confronted with the eternal dilemma of whether it's as important or not for women. The truth is that sometimes just a few centimeters can make all the difference to a man's self-esteem and often means more to men than to women. But when it comes to micropenises, the situation is a little different. If you have one, you should try different techniques to achieve sexual pleasure and get the most from the experience. OneHOWTO will introduce the best positions for micropenises so you and your partner can have a more fulfilling sex life.

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  1. What size is a micropenis?
  2. Spooning
  3. The deep thrust
  4. Doggy
  5. The screw

What size is a micropenis?

A normal penis varies between 12 and 15 centimeters when erect. If a penis is less than 12 centimeters then it's considered small, but when it's erect, a phallus of no more than 7 centimeters is considered a micropenis.

Men suffer major self-esteem issues related to the size of their penis, just as women care about, for example, their figure. It's therefore very important to find sexual satisfaction with a micropenis rather than reacting negatively.

What is considered micro, small or large

  • A penis from 1 to 7 centimeters is considered a micropenis.
  • From 8 to 12 cm is a small penis.
  • From 12 to 14 cm is a small penis but within the world standard.
  • From 14 to 16 cm is a normal penis.
  • From 16 to 18 cm is a large penis within the world standard.
  • Up to 22 cm is a large penis.
  • Beyond 22cm is a macropenis.

There are sexual positions that increase friction during penetration or that allow the penis to enter more deeply, making it be felt more intensely when your partner has a micropenis. Let's get into them...


The spoon position is a great alternative when your partner has a micropenis. The woman has her legs closed and the man enters from behind, causing the friction to be greater. This friction leads to more enjoyment during penetration. One of the man's hands is free to stimulate the clitoris or the breasts, increasing the sensation of pleasure.

The Best Sex Positions for Micropenises - Spooning

The deep thrust

The deep thrust is a great position for men with micropenises. Again, she has her legs spread wide enough to put them at the height of the man's neck as he enters at an angle, allowing the penis to go deeper, hence the name of this sexual position.

The Best Sex Positions for Micropenises - The deep thrust


Men love doggy style, and it gives them enormous pleasure, so this sexual position will be enjoyable for both. Because, like the previous position, it allows the penis to penetrate deeper. It's important that the woman keeps her legs closed as tightly as possible to have the maximum amount of friction.

The Best Sex Positions for Micropenises - Doggy

The screw

The screw also produces a great deal of pleasure for both. She's penetrated laterally with her legs closed, feeling more upon entry and with the movement of the penis.

The Best Sex Positions for Micropenises - The screw

One of the great advantages of micropenises is that they allow for anal penetration without being worried about excessive pain due to the size. So, if you enjoy this practice, we recommend you try some anal positions to have a good time together.

As with all positions, we urge you to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and UTIs. And of course, unwanted pregnancy.

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Great article! I have some questions for Mary though: how did you come up with these tips? Do you have personal experience with guys with a micropenis? Or how did you research it otherwise? I'm asking since I have a micropenis myself, and for me, vaginal penetration is almost impossible; I usually resort to 'outercourse', just rubbing my penis against the woman's labia, with her legs closed, just like you suggested as well. I'd be more than happy to discuss my own experience with you, privately or in an article.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Martin,
All of our articles are previously researched and documented. We're glad this article was useful for you and works too.
Thank you for this! My penis is only about 2" long erect, so regular articles about having sex with a small penis (usually about 4") do me no good, but a couple of these positions might work for me.
love it
i love i also learnt some good tips here
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The Best Sex Positions for Micropenises