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How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman

There is a social stigma in heterosexual couples that leads many women to be attracted to taller men and men to shorter women. Whether this can be explained by reliance on normative gender roles, shorter women feeling protected with a taller partner or even simply a coincidental trend in preference, taller men becoming intimate with a shorter partner can provide some logistical complications. Keep reading this OneHowTo.com article on How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman and bear in mind that although some of these tips might be useful for homosexual couples as well, others might be more hetero-specific.

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  1. Start Slow
  2. Good Ole Missionary
  3. Sitting Down Face to Face
  4. Women On Top
  5. Penetration From Behind
  6. Using Furniture for Sex
  7. Having Sex Standing Up
  8. Enjoying Non-Penetrative Sex

Start Slow

Whether or not the relationship is casual or something more long-term, it is advisable to start physical interaction slowly. You may have already had some difficulty kissing while standing up, but this doesn't mean that the attraction and passion you feel towards each other is any less. Perhaps more so than with equal sized partners, foreplay is important because you need to get the lay of each other's land, as it were. Those with intimacy issues might find it difficult to keep the lights on, but it might be helpful to see what each other is doing.

Fidgeting and trying to force a position which doesn't work can cause one or both people anxiety which can make you lose physical stimulation and cause some emotional stress, in turn maybe affecting other parts of the relationship. Enjoy the build up, find your motions and this will mean sex in the future will become easier and more intuitive because you have done the ground work.

How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman - Start Slow

Good Ole Missionary

There is no real indicator from looking at a taller man with his clothes on whether or not he will have a large penis, but there is every chance it is an issue when one partner is petite. This is another reason to go slow at the start as a larger penis in a relatively smaller vagina or anus can cause damage if used too forcefully. Using the missionary position allows greater control over your movement, so a man on top penetrating a shorter woman underneath can ease in gently and see how much movement will work. The missionary position often has a bad reputation for being boring, but it can provide great pleasure for many, particularly women through clitoral stimulation. It will mean that the man on top will have less access to their partner's chest someone taller will have to curve down to do so. If you are a woman who likes to have her breasts played with during intercourse, some of the options below might be more suitable.

How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman - Good Ole Missionary

Sitting Down Face to Face

Sex with a particularly taller or shorter partner may have its own difficulties, but it in no way means that this issue leads to worse sex. In many ways this height difference can have great advantages. One such way is if the man is sat down but with an upright back. During missionary it might be difficult for a man to have access to a woman's breasts, but in this position the man not only has access, but has the ability to use their mouth which can really aid stimulation. It is also good for partner's who like to kiss during sex.

Women On Top

Like sitting face to face, if a taller man lays down with their partner on top, there can be great advantages. Whereas missionary gives a man greater control, the woman has more influence of movement when on top. If the man prefers a more submissive role and vice versa this is a great position to use. You also don't have to face each other this way as you might enjoy the "reverse cowgirl" position where the woman faces away from the man.

Some women find being on top provides greater clitoral stimulation, whereas others can find it more difficult. One advantage in facing each other with the woman on top is that the man can provide more stimulation with his hands.

How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman - Women On Top

Penetration From Behind

Not something for everyone and a position which some people don't like due to lack of intimacy, penetrating from behind can still be very enjoyable for both partners. However, it can be a tricky position as a taller man will likely have longer thighs, making it more difficult to reach down and penetrate someone with much shorter thighs. There are two options which can make this style work; either by the person behind spreading their knees wider while the person in front raises up or by using pillows. The first way will be uncomfortable after a while, but the second way might be just as comfortable as missionary. Prop the person in front's knees with one or more pillows and even the distance between yourselves.

Using Furniture for Sex

So far all of the positions we have discussed have been limited to on top of the bed, but exploring each other through sex means you get to mix it up a bit and you can manoeuvre to other places (as long as you're not disturbing any of the people you might share a house with). Even going to the edge of the bed can help if the man stands on the floor while his partner stays on the bed. This can allow for more leverage and a better alignment for penetration, depending on the height of the bed. It is also great for vaginal stimulation. If you sleep in a top bunk bed, maybe this is going to be difficult.

Other pieces of furniture might be more helpful, especially the sofa. It is easier to do the sitting up technique from section 3 if you are on a couch as it will give more natural back support. It can also help when penetrating from behind because generally a couch will have a better height level for it. Stools, coffee tables, desks or even rocking chairs can help two people of different heights find the right level for each other. Although there isn't an IKEA chart for it, furniture comes in different heights just like people, so explore and find something that works. An added benefit of this is that for those in a longer term relationship it might help you shake up a routine which stunts each other's sex life.

How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman - Using Furniture for Sex

Having Sex Standing Up

Being shorter, doesn't necessarily mean being petite, nor does being a taller man mean you are stronger. However, if you are in a relationship where the taller man is relatively strong and his partner is petite, then there is a likelihood that having sex standing up can work for you. This could be somewhere in the bedroom or even having sex in the shower. The reason why one partner needs to be stronger is that if both are standing on the ground you won't be level for penetration. Picking the woman up and having them straddle the man can be as effective as it is sexy. It will put the man in greater control, but also allow for nice clitoral stimulation for the woman.

If just the sound of this activity makes your arms feel tired, you could always use a prop. It might seem silly to stand on a stool or even a couple of old phone books, but if you get over any self-consciousness these might produce you can just get on with enjoying each other.

How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman - Having Sex Standing Up

Enjoying Non-Penetrative Sex

So far we have discussed partner's having sex through penetration, but to have a varied and healthy sexual life, this is only one of the many delights on offer. Oral sex can be a great way to show intimacy and give each other great pleasure while doing so. If one person goes down on the other, there is never any real issue with height, more about how you position your neck and use your mouth. This is common to all couples regardless of size.

The "69" position where each partner lies top to tail can be a difficult one when there is a greater height difference. If one is on top of the other it might stop the person underneath from moving (not to mention the obvious difficulty this provides if the person underneath is significantly smaller). Lying side by side is a better way to access each other without having to squirm too much. Using sex aids such as vibrators also shouldn't provide any problems because of people's different heights.

How to Have Sex with a Shorter Woman - Enjoying Non-Penetrative Sex

While these tips might help provide some practical help for sexual partners of different height, the best advice to give is to do with your mental approach. If the two of you are open, honest and relaxed with each other, then there shouldn't be any problems as you can get around any physical differences with understanding. A sense of humor goes a long way as well, acknowledging that things might be a bit tricky and having fun with silly behavior. Being relaxed and having fun does not mean this will reduce your passion, but can mean you have better and more rewarding sex.

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