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The Best Positions for Oral Sex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 5, 2018
The Best Positions for Oral Sex

Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable practices that exist for both women and men. And when it comes to pleasing your partner and prolonging this delicious erotic game, it's important to know what are the best positions for oral sex, which are both comfortable and completely enjoyable. At oneHOWTO we'll give you a list of some of the most popular ones. Enjoy!

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  1. The classic 69
  2. The butterfly kiss
  3. The number 12 position
  4. The oral train
  5. The passionate dreamer
  6. The sorbet
  7. The candy

The classic 69

When it comes to mutual pleasure, and both partners having a great time, there's nothing like a hot 69. It includes simultaneous oral sex and will be an incredible moment that you'll both enjoy.

The position involves the man lying on his back with the woman on top and facing away from him, with her vagina in front of the man's face while she has her mouth on his penis. This is the classic version, but there's another very pleasant one in which the roles are reversed and the man is on top. This position allows the man to be dominant while he enters the woman's mouth as if it were her vagina. It's very steamy and a bit daring.

The Best Positions for Oral Sex - The classic 69
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The butterfly kiss

The cat's tongue or butterfly kiss is the classic oral sex position when the woman receives all the pleasure. She opens her legs while the man is between them, orally stimulating her vagina while at the same time he can masturbate and caress her other erogenous zones such as anus stimulation. This can be very arousing and provoke intense orgasms.

The Best Positions for Oral Sex - The butterfly kiss
Image: galerias.doctissimo.es

The number 12 position

When it comes to giving him oral sex, the 12 position is very popular. The man is standing and the woman is kneeling at the height of his penis while she gives him oral sex. It's a great position to stimulate the testicles and perineum. For the man, the view and sensations will be very arousing.

And to further enhance the excitement, we suggest you look at your partner while doing it. He'll find it very sexy and a major turn on. If you want to be more comfortable and keep the position longer, use a pillow to support your knees instead of having them on the floor.

The oral train

To enjoy oral sex comfortably, the following position is definitely one of the best for both partners. The girl kneels on top of the man with her vagina over his face, as he lies comfortably while performing oral sex. He has a free hand to caress her breasts and fully enjoy the moment. The woman should be careful not to suffocate the man, so she shouldn't let her body rest on top, but hold the position with her knees; this way, both parties will feel comfortable.

The Best Positions for Oral Sex - The oral train
Image: activatex.com

The passionate dreamer

Oral sex in the morning is undoubtedly steamy and the position of the passionate dreamer, is perfect for that particular time of day.

While your partner sleeps, you discreetly go to his penis and start to give him oral pleasure. He'll wake up slowly and begin to enjoy your game.

Of course, you can perform this position at any time of day, and he'll love it. Make sure you know the best tricks to avoid gagging, as this may occur in this position.

The Best Positions for Oral Sex - The passionate dreamer
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The sorbet

The sorbet is one of those sexual positions in which, besides the pleasure, you get some exercise at the same time.

The woman lies on the bed with her legs opened and raises her hips by flexing her legs, stimulating the whole pelvic region. He kneels in front of her, holding her hips so that she can rest a little while he gives her intense oral pleasure. The advantage of this position is that it allows for full access to the genital area, including the perineum and bottom, a wonderful combination.

The candy

If you want to reach the heights of pleasure without even leaving your bed, the candy is the best position for oral sex when you're both sleepy or more tired than usual. It's easy as you can see in the picture, he lies on his side and you show him how good you are with your mouth. Make sure you don't make any oral sex mistakes that can make this amazingly pleasurable experience go drastically wrong.

The Best Positions for Oral Sex - The candy
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Get inspired and put these positions into practice! Enjoy each of your encounters while always having fun with sexy, hot foreplay.

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Image: galerias.doctissimo.es
Image: galerias.doctissimo.es
Image: activatex.com
Image: galerias.doctissimo.es
Image: activatex.com
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The Best Positions for Oral Sex