Why Do me and my Girlfriend Fight so much

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 28, 2019
Why Do me and my Girlfriend Fight so much

Even though you love your girlfriend so much, you may always find yourself in an argument with her. If this feels like you, then you are not alone. According to a recent research, couples who love each other frequently fight with each other too. But sometimes, fights become annoying and irritating, and the relationship becomes a kind of compromise. Such relationships do not last long, and usually end with a beak up. So, it is better to identify the reasons for your fights and make efforts to keep them in control. Read this oneHOWTO article to know the answer: why do me and my girlfriend fight so much?

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You take her too seriously

First of all, one of the most common reasons why many couples fight is for the smallest things ever. A comment or an action from your partner and a fight is triggered. This might be the reason for a small fight escalating into something bigger.

Lear not to take comments too seriously and try to calmly tell your partner if you found something hurtful. If it is your partner who takes things too seriously, make sure you say things in a way she understands you are not serious, you are just kidding.

You want to prove yourself smart by winning arguments

You may try to prove yourself smart by winning every argument with her, but this is not always done. You should learn to accept your mistakes and apologize gracefully. You cannot be perfect and you might not know everything in this world. So, instead of winning every argument with her, be a better person for her. If you are wrong, just admit it and she will accept. If she is wrong, don’t expect an apology from her if you are in an argument. Instead, tell her that she is wrong and what you expect from her. So, instead of arguing every time to prove that you are right, communicate with each other to clear away any doubts and misunderstandings.

Why Do me and my Girlfriend Fight so much - You want to prove yourself smart by winning arguments

You take her for granted

Women never want to stay in a relationship in which they are not needed. Couples have a choice to opt out of a relationship, and that is why breakups are so common among people. If your girlfriend feels that she is no longer needed in a relationship or you no longer value her, then she can always decide to leave the relationship and move ahead. She will definitely find another partner who will respect her and need her. So, nurture your relationship and value each other no matter what.

You make her the boss

Respecting her does not mean that you do whatever she says. A woman never wants to be her partner’s mother. She likes a man who respects her, wants her, cares for her and loves her, but is not afraid of her. She wants you to do what you like and want, as long as you don’t take your relationship for granted. When an argument starts, many men give up and let her win just to avoid an argument. But this is unattractive to girls as well. Women do not like men who are wimpy and cannot stand for themselves. If you have an opinion, you should be strong and assertive, and have the courage to listen to what she has to say as well.

Why Do me and my Girlfriend Fight so much - You make her the boss

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  • Sometimes, due to family background people are more used to solving problems by fighting, so make sure you break the habit you should detect a pattern of when you fight and create other ways to deal with problems that don't involve shouting or fighting.

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Why Do me and my Girlfriend Fight so much
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Why Do me and my Girlfriend Fight so much

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