Can you be Sapiosexual and Demisexual?

By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: February 10, 2019
Can you be Sapiosexual and Demisexual?

Sapiosexual is a word used to describe somebody who finds intelligence the most attractive feature in a person, and finds the use of intelligence particularly arousing. The term demisexual is a person who needs to form a strong emotional connection with a person before they are able to feel sexually attracted to them. It is actually thought that these two sexual identities are quite closely related. But is it possible for a person to identify as both? In this oneHOWTO article, we're going to discuss, can you be sapiosexual and demisexual?

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Demisexuality, the need to form an emotional bond with a person before feeling sexually attracted to a person may sound obscure, but is not particularly unusual. The idea of getting to know a person properly, finding out who they truly are, can understandably increase the attraction between two people, obviously unless you find out they're creepy or weird. But it's natural to feel a deeper want for a person who you have gotten to know on an emotional level rather than based on only appearances and a five minute chat.

Of course there are also people who don't have that need, there are many men and women who can be out in a club or a bar, spot a member of the opposite sex and decide that's who they're taking home tonight. Arousal at first sight it is. Whichever you are, whether it's one, the other, or somewhere in between isn't important.

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By the same token, there are also many people who don't identify as sapioseuxal, particularly where a person is sexually attracted to intelligence, who do in fact find intelligence an attracting factor in a person.

Many people appreciate someone who they can have a deep, meaningful and intelligent conversation with, hey it's a sexy quality, who can blame them? A lot of people find somebody who is smart, more attractive, and this again is a sexual attraction that isn't based on appearances, much like those who are demisexual.

But can you truly know somebody is intelligent before you have gotten to know them? It might be possible to make a snap judgement as to whether somebody isn't particularly clever during a first conversation. But to truly know if somebody has a truly intelligent mind requires getting to know about them, and who they are.


Both of these sexual identities, are based on a want or need that many people feel when they meet a person, but on a higher level. Many people feel they need to know a person before they can feel entirely sexually attracted to them and let their guard down, just like many people find the idea of somebody being intelligent an attractive quality and a bit of a turn on.

But what both of these sexual identities are based on are getting to know somebody before you feel that attraction.

Based on that, it seems that it is possible to be both sapiosexual and demisexual, the two, in fact, compliment each other well.

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Can you be Sapiosexual and Demisexual?
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Can you be Sapiosexual and Demisexual?

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