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Do Men Like Shy Women?

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: March 29, 2017
Do Men Like Shy Women?

Lots of men like shy women, but often they take longer before approaching a shy woman compared to an outgoing one.

There are so many reasons why guys like shy girls that it is hard to list them all. All shy women out there might have felt left out at times, but that does not mean men do not like shy women. It only means that being shy, you will be approached in a different way, and you can be sure only guys who are really interested in you will make the first move. After talking about men's attraction to girls with glasses, chubby girls and tomboys, today on oneHOWTO we will talk about do guys like shy girls? Also, how to be shy and attractive, can a popular guy like a shy girl? Can a shy girl get a boyfriend? And men’s opinions on: do men like shy women?

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  1. Do guys like shy girls?
  2. How to be shy and attractive
  3. Can a shy girl get a boyfriend?

Do guys like shy girls?

Guys generally like shy women because of their femininity, innocence, mystery and "special feel".

Just think about how many poems have been written for shy women who blush when they are approached. Men have always been attracted to the shy girl who doesn't reveal too much, who is reserved and modest. In today's celebration of independence, funky clothes and assertiveness one might forget that there is a natural attractiveness to shy women. Let's discover the reasons why men like shy women as revealed by men:

  • Shy women are mysterious, which is appealing as one wonders what they feel and think.
  • Shy girls do not talk too much and they are good listeners.
  • Men like shy women because they instinctively think they are less easy.
  • Shy girls tend to gossip less, which is attractive to men.
  • A shy girl makes the chase much more challenging as she is harder to impress, usually.
  • When asked: do men like shy women, many men say shy girls are more feminine and cute, which makes a man feel more manly.
  • Shy girls make guys feel less intimidated.
  • Guys like shy girls because they appear innocent, graceful and fragile, which boosts a sense of protection in men.
  • Some guys who were asked: "do guys like shy girls?" said they do not like loud girls and shy girls are quieter, making them look more interesting.
  • Shy girls make men behave romantically, they make men feel comfortable with romantic and gentlemen gestures.
  • A shy girl looks special to the guy she is dating because he feels like he is one of the few who can actually get to know her.
  • Men are interested into shy girls for longer than outgoing girls because they have so much more to discover.
  • Many guys like shy girls because they feel more comfortable speaking without being interrupted or contradicted.
  • Guys said shy girls appear more feminine.
  • Shy girls give men a chance to feel more manly.
  • One of the most important considerations regarding: do men like shy women, is that there are so few shy women left that they appear every day more unique.
  • Men find blushing adorable, yes, it is true.
  • Last but not least, a shy girl who is wild in bed is every man dream. A guy will be so curious about how a shy girl will behave in bed that the chase will become much more interesting.

So, the answer to the question: do guys like shy girls is definitely yes! We will now give shy girls a few tips on how to be shy and attractive.

Do Men Like Shy Women? - Do guys like shy girls?

How to be shy and attractive

Since you now know men like shy women, let's discover how you can use shyness to increase your attractiveness even more.

  1. First rule is don't change, guys will like you because you are shy, not despite of it. And if a guy is into outgoing girls he won't be attracted by a shy girl acting outgoing. Be yourself and you will be sure to be attractive to the right kind of people.
  2. Dress in a way that highlights the gracefulness that comes with being shy. Do not wear something aggressive or provocative if you do not feel like it, just to be like other girls. A nice feminine dress that suits your personality will make you irresistible.
  3. Show the guy you like that he has a chance to discover more about you and that you can loose some of your shyness when you are alone with him. After all, you might be shy in a group but you can be easier and relaxed with the right guy. That will give him motivation.
  4. Show confidence in your comfort zone: when talking about something you know well, show you are capable and your shyness does not mean you are helpless!
  5. Say "no" to things you don't like, show you have personality. Being shy does not mean accepting anything.
  6. Do not be afraid to tell him that you are shy, that is so cute!
  7. Play hard to get, there are so few girls who do that nowadays!

As we said, men like shy women, but by following our tips on how to be shy and attractive, you can become even more attractive.

Can a shy girl get a boyfriend?

Of course a shy girl can get a boyfriend, many men deem shy girls better for long-term relationships.

One difficulty a shy girl may encounter in getting a boyfriend is starting to talk. It is true that outgoing girls have more boys talking to them, simply because they themselves take the initiative. As a shy girl, you will need to be more patient before you find a guy who really likes you and will want to start a conversation. With a guy who makes you feel comfortable, you might even loose some of your shyness and make the first move.

Another problem shy girls may find in getting a boyfriend is that boys might feel intimidated as they confuse shyness with arrogance. In that case, you will need to say or do something to show the guy you like you are not arrogant, just shy.

Can a popular guy like a shy girl? Definitely, a popular guy might even feel more comfortable, challenged and rewarded by conquering a shy girl. So, just be yourself.

In conclusion, do men like shy women? It seems like guys love being with shy girls!

Do Men Like Shy Women? - Can a shy girl get a boyfriend?

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Do Men Like Shy Women?