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Do Guys Like Chubby Girls?

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: March 29, 2017
Do Guys Like Chubby Girls?

More guys than you would think like chubby girls, because they are generally funnier, less body conscious, and love food more, men say.

But would guys date a chubby girl? And do guys like fat girls, or do they really only like skinny girls? In this oneHOWTO article, we will give you a men's point of view on chubby and fat girls. The results are often surprising. Like in our article: do guys care about the size of breasts, we will reveal points of view that are often ignored in mainstream media. You will be surprised to hear men's opinions on: do guys like chubby girls or would you date chubby girls, or even would a skinny guy date a chubby girl? So, be ready for surprises as you read today's oneHOWTO article: do guys like chubby girls?

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  1. Men's opinion: do guys like chubby girls?
  2. Would guys date a chubby girl?
  3. Do guys like fat girls?
  4. Do guys like skinny girls?

Men's opinion: do guys like chubby girls?

Anonymous polls have been conducted. Men tend to be more honest in polls than when they speak to their buddies. Because, let's face it, most of mainstream media's hot girls are skinny. Sometimes they are skinny and curvy, but never chubby. So let's see what men had to say on: do guys like chubby girls?

About half of men respondents state that they prefer chubby girls, and most of them had similar reasons to like chubby girls. Here are the main ones:

  • Thin girls tend to have smaller, and as they get older, saggier breasts.
  • Thin girls' bottoms tend to lack substance. Men like chubby girls because they can grab their bottoms and enjoy such positions as doggy style more.
  • Men who have dated both skinny and chubby girls state that chubby girls are funnier and less divas.
  • Chubby girls enjoy a nice meal with their partner and do not count calories, or order salad in a steak house.
  • Chubby girls are less body conscious and less gym fanatics.
  • Chubby girls have more womanly figures with rounder breasts, bottoms, bellies and tights.
  • Men often love sex more of their girlfriends have gained some weight, because there is much more to touch.
  • Some men reveal that chubby girls are better in bed.
  • Chubby girls are less androgynous, more feminine, which is good for anyone apart from hipster guys!
  • Men feel less threatened by chubby girls and feel more comfortable talking to them.
  • Men love a bit of fat on the lower belly, i.e. love handles. It is a bit like a belly dancer's charm.
  • Chubby girls' lips tend to be fuller and rosier.
  • Men think chubby girls are great cooks.
  • Men find chubby girls to have more sense of humor.
  • Chubby girls do not need to be "protected" as much, at least that is what men say.
  • Chubby women tend to have better skin and look younger as they age.
  • Chubby girls are softer.
  • Let's face it: men love something to grab!

Now you know that guys like chubby girls, and also why they like them. Let's explore the topic further...

Would guys date a chubby girl?

As we learned that actually many guys like chubby girls, you might be wondering whether guys would date a chubby girl.

Empirical evidence demonstrate that yes, guys would date a chubby girl. But it is often more complicated than that. There is a lot of pressure in the media, and within our society to only date one type of girl: skinny. Sometimes men would love to date a chubby girl but feel threatened by what their friends, or society, would think.

If you look around you, chubby girls often date guys that are hotter than average. That is because good looking guys are more self-confident, so they do not care about what people think that much.

In our culture, men with a skinny, model type woman, are assumed to have the opportunity to date whoever they want. However, when a good looking guy dates a chubby girls, most people think it is because she has an amazing personality. As we have seen, this is often not the case. Some guys love chubby girls precisely because of their bodies. So, yes, guys with self confidence would date a chubby girl.

And would a skinny guy date a chubby girl? That is a bit more complicated because guys sometimes need to feel stronger than their girl. But again, it is not universal, and very confident skinny guys have no problem dating a chubby girl.

Do Guys Like Chubby Girls? - Would guys date a chubby girl?

Do guys like fat girls?

There is a line between chubby and fat, like there is a line between fit and skinny. Both extreme sides of the spectrum receive less attention that anything in the middle. But still, there are lots of men who like fat girls, far more than you would expect.

Fat girls reveal that on dating sites there are men contacting them precisely because they are fat, and many men fetishize fat women. Once, a woman created 2 profiles on a dating site, one had pictures of her being fit, and the other one had her picture from when she was fat. She made it into the news because of the number of people who contacted her "fat" profile. Not as many as those who contacted her as a fit women, but still, they were lots.

In some cultures, fat women are sexy because they represent fertility and physical wellbeing. So, really, the answer to the question: do guys like fat girls depend on both personal taste, and the culture the guy is part of, similarly to what we explained about guys liking tomboys or shy girls.

After we talked about whether guys like chubby girls, and fat girls, let's come to skinny girls.

Do Guys Like Chubby Girls? - Do guys like fat girls?

Do guys like skinny girls?

Everybody thinks all guys like skinny girls. That is not true. Media portrays hot girls as thin, however lots of men prefer a bit of fat, and most of them find models too skinny. Some other find skinny girls artistic and androgynous, and chubby girls sexier.

There are reasons why some guys prefer skinny girls. Some say they love small breasts, which skinny girls tend to have. Others feel more manly and stronger with a skinny girl. They feel they can protect her better.

The University of Aberdeen conducted a study in which it is revealed that men unconsciously associate skinny girls with youth, fertility, and lower risk of disease. But, as we said, this is very cultural specific.

What most guys would agree on, however, is that personality is far more important than being chubby, fat, or skinny. So, guys like chubby girls, but they especially like intelligent, fun girls.

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Do Guys Like Chubby Girls?