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Do Girls Like Facial Hair?

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. February 16, 2017
Do Girls Like Facial Hair?

Women's opinion on beards and facial hair differs greatly according to fashion, culture, age, and personal taste. However, many women find men with facial hair attractive, if the facial hair is well kept.

Clean shaven vs beard attractiveness? While women worry a lot about hairstyle, men often wonder if girls like facial hair. With the recent hipster trend, it might seem just normal to have a beard. However, some girls find beards unattractive, or even lacking care and hygiene. So, if you are wondering: do girls like beards, read this oneHOWTO article and discover: do girls like facial hair?

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  1. Women's opinion on beards: girls who like facial hair
  2. Women's opinion on beards: girls who dislike facial hair
  3. Clean shaven vs beard attractiveness

Women's opinion on beards: girls who like facial hair

If you are wondering whether girls like facial hair, you should see the results of a recent study on women's opinion on beards. A group of women were shown pictures of the same guys with different beard lengths, ranging from fully shaven to a full beard. Women were asked to rank the guys according to masculinity, dominance, aggression, attractiveness and social maturity, and then to choose short-term and long-term partners.

The result was that the most attractive guys were those with a light stubble, and they were those who were chosen as short-term partners. Men with full beards, on the other hand, were ranked the most masculine, aggressive, and socially mature. Light bearded men were the most dominant. Shaven men, well, seem to be perceive as less masculine and mature.

While this study does not represent fully the reality, there are indications that a full beard is associated with maturity and masculinity, while a stubble is associated with sex and attraction. But let's see some more women's opinions on beards:

  • It depends on the guy: some guys look incredibly attractive with beards, some others look untidy, or even ridiculous. Number one NO is a guy with patchy beard who cannot grow a full beard, ever. In that case, better be shaven.
  • A full beard gives a sense of roughness, toughness and reassurance. A guy you can rely on.
  • Most girls agree that a stubble looks sexy and neat. So, do girls like facial hair? Definitely a stubble.
  • A goatee beard can also look good to most women, if styled correctly.
  • Facial hair has to be tidy, neat and clean to be attractive to women.
  • Do girls like facial hair? For most of them, facial hair is a biological indicator that you are a grown up man, so there is a natural attractiveness to beards.
  • Girls who are very fashionable will surely like a beard for the bohemian, hipster, free-spirited, yet masculine feel it gives to guys.
  • Beards highlight the eyes, it is like makeup for men.
  • Most women like beards of just the right length: too short are painful to the ladies' skin, and too long are soft and weird to most women.
  • For a guy who looks like a teenager or a baby (think Leonardo Di Caprio) a beard is a perfect quick fix.
  • While most women prefer a stubble, some women are also into very long beards, which look kind of fatherly and protective. However, a few days grown stubble is a winner.
  • Do girls like beards? Girls who love the macho look are especially into beards.
  • A beard attracts more attention and it will be easier for a girl to remember the face of a guy with a beard than a guy without beard.

In conclusion, beards are a bit like eyeglasses, the right kind on the right person can be a plus, but it can also go terribly wrong.

Now that you know the perspective of girls who like facial hair, let's discover what girls who do not like beards think.

Do Girls Like Facial Hair? - Women's opinion on beards: girls who like facial hair

Women's opinion on beards: girls who dislike facial hair

There are a bunch of women out there who do not like facial hair at all, for several reasons. Let's discover them.

  • According to evolutionary theory, men evolved from wilder species and used to be covered in hair. Just like many men prefer a shaved woman, many women prefer a man without facial hair because they associate facial hair with primitive, aggressive behaviour.
  • Some girls do not like beards because they think they are dirty as food as well as sweat gets into contact with facial hair.
  • What is common to most women is the unpleasant feeling of itchiness that appears when a beard touches a woman's skin. That can even lead to beard burn when a guy's facial hair rub a girl's face. So, do girls like facial hair? Some of them don't, mainly for practical reasons.
  • Girls hate it when men trim their beard in the bathroom and leave hair all over, a pretty good reason not to like facial hair.
  • The facial hair most girls dislike are: chinstrap, soul patches and certain kinds of moustaches.
  • Some girls love the act of everyday shaving some men perform: it shows care, good manual skills, and is sexy.
  • Some girls hate the fact some men take ages to make their beard look effortless, it is a huge turn off.
  • Facial hair makes guys look older, and that can be negative for some.
  • Some beards look too dry and rough, ladies prefer a well conditioned beard.
  • Some of the girls who do not like facial hair complain about it removing their makeup.

So, do girls like beards? Do girls like facial hair? It really depends, some love it, some hate it.

Do Girls Like Facial Hair? - Women's opinion on beards: girls who dislike facial hair

Clean shaven vs beard attractiveness

As we saw when talking about girls who like beards and girls who do not like facial hair, it is not really a matter of clean shaven vs beard attractiveness, it is more of a polarizing issue: some women love clean shaven and hate facial hair, some others think facial hair is sexy and would never be attracted by a clean shaven guy.

Perhaps more importantly, some guys just cannot pull off facial hair because their beard grows in patches or because they do not look good with a beard.

So, yes, it is complicated to decide: do girls like facial hair?

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Do Girls Like Facial Hair?