How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2017
How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date

Although you might feel completely at ease with someone of the opposite sex and have no qualms about going out and enjoying yourself in their company, you might turn into a nervous wreck if the person in question is a potential love interest. If you're somewhat shy, the situation can be more nerve-wracking yet. We at OneHowTo know exactly how you feel and have compiled a selection of useful tips on how not to be nervous on a first date.

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Steps to follow:

Although it's natural to be excited about the prospect of meeting your perfect match, avoid setting your expectations too high. Otherwise, your nerves will go through the roof and you'll be left sourly disappointed if the date doesn't go as planned.

How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date - Step 1

Try to enjoy the date and live in the present moment rather than over-analyzing everything and thinking beyond the here and the now. See it for what it is: a chance to get out of you daily routine and meet someone new, talk and get to know this person. You've got nothing to lose and there might even be a spark between you!

How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date - Step 2

Prepare your outfit carefully before your date. Go for something that you feel comfortable in and that you know looks good. Aim for effortlessly chic and avoid looking as though you've tried too hard.

Girls: avoid showing too much skin and wearing lashings of make-up.

Boys: go for a clean-cut look and make sure your clothes are ironed.

How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date - Step 3

Please, be natural and be yourself on your date; don't get caught up in pretending about any aspects of your life! A date isn't some competition on how much you can impress the other person; it's an opportunity to get to know someone who might (if you're lucky) or might not be in your future. So, drop the mask and be yourself!

How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date - Step 4

Don't blow your own trumpet and blather on about all you good qualities: "I'm a professional/ I'm adventurous/ I never get jealous/ I earn a lot of money ... blah blah blah" will project an arrogant and self-obsessed image. Give the other person a chance to appreciate your good qualities and try to relax: you're not selling yourself, it's just a date.


Another top tip is to let the conversation flow naturally and avoid bombarding your date with multiple questions. This can often make your date feel as though they're being interrogated or sitting in an interview. You'd most likely feel uncomfortable with this and so would anyone else.


Feel reassured by the fact that your date will be feeling just as nervous as you! A first date is a nerve-wracking experience for everybody so just embrace it and try to relax as much as possible.


Fight the urge to down lots of alcoholic drinks to quash those pre-date nerves: the outcome of this could be truly disastrous and cringe-worthy so remember to drink in moderation.

Take a maximum of one alcoholic beverage before the date to calm nerves.

How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date - Step 8

Meeting someone for the first time is always a bit awkward, with a potential for uncomfortable silences and strained conversations. Simply learn to laugh about it and, if you connect on some level and get on well, it won't matter all that much. If you don't connect at all, it wasn't meant to be so simply move on. If you are a boy dating a taller girl, read our guide.

How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date - Step 9

Make sure you are doing other activities right before the date so you don't have too much time to think about what's coming up. Keeping your mind off the date will make you feel calmer and will make you view the date as just another activity your day has to offer.

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  • Don't work yourself up over the date - relax and enjoy meeting somebody new.
  • Be yourself, enjoy the conversation and live in the moment.
  • Make your nervousness an asset. Being mildly nervous will make your date think that you want to impress him/her. Remember it's fine to be nervous so if you don't make a big deal out of it, neither will your date.

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How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date
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How Not To Be Nervous On A First Date

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