How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship

By Mary Smith. Updated: May 18, 2017
How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship

After being in a relationship for a while, you may feel that you do not have time for yourself anymore. All the activities you do are with your partner and you have built a relationship based on symbiosis. How long since you've spent some time with our friends? How long ago was it that you had a moment to yourself? Possessive relationships can often lead to isolation. You might not feel like you know who you are without your partner. For a relationship to last, you should be able to differentiate between those things that you can do with your partner and the things you have to do alone. Know yourself, don't lose your own identity; only then you can have a healthy and prosperous relationship. Next we'll give you some pointers on how to avoid a possessive relationship.

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First, you should talk to your partner about what is happening and express the need to start doing some activities separately. It is necessary for everyone to have time for themselves; this is one of the keys to make a relationship work. Make it clear that it is not that your feelings have changed, but you think it's necessary to make this decision.

How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship - Communication


Try activities that do not involve your partner, such as hanging out with your friends, or join classes and workshops. Encourage your partner to do the same. This situation does not mean that you stop doing things together, it's simply about doing your own activities to give yourselves some space. It is important that you both also enjoy doing activities separately and miss one another.

How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship - Activities


Gradually, begin to split some tasks you perform together. This avoids creating a dependence on each other. For example, do not always do the shopping together, go by yourselves from time to time. This does not mean that you do everything alone; rather, it means that you do not do absolutely everything together.

How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship - Chores

Missing them

When the other person is not with you, you usually miss them. This is a feeling that confirms the love you have for your partner. It is sometimes necessary to have the opportunity to miss your partner and, to do so, you'll need some time apart.

How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship - Missing them


In order to grow in a relationship it is necessary that you both match, whilst keeping your individual qualities. If a relationship is possessive, it is often difficult for you to see the differences and to be able to learn from them. The relationship works when you complement each other and not when you imitate each other.

How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship - Progress


Making sure you don't lose our identity is fundamental. Your partner fell in love with a person that, in a relationship, is no longer the same. Do not feel afraid that this new way of facing the situation will separate you; on the contrary, it will bring you closer together. This is because you will learn to value things that you didn't beforehand.

How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship - Identity


After this change of attitude about the relationship, talk to your partner to hear their opinion on the matter. Try to be as honest as possible with one another to be able to pinpoint the things that should still be changed, and which things you should leave as they were beforehand. This is a decision that you should both make.

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How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship
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How to Avoid a Possessive Relationship

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