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How to Have a Stable Relationship

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have a Stable Relationship

It seems that everyone wants to find their soulmate and end up forming a stable relationship. It is not an easy job, as there are different factors that come into play. These can mean the difference between reaching the goal or it falling by the wayside. Now, with social media and new forms of communication, relationships seem to have become more sporadic and, in a way, more digital. However, making some things clear can be "make or break" when it comes to having a partner. Keep it clear and watch your relationship grow. If you are a person looking for something serious, rather than something sporadic or fleeting, this article explains how to have a stable relationship.

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  1. Do not settle and do not conform
  2. Getting to know each other takes time
  3. Rushing is not good
  4. Trust
  5. Thinking about the future
  6. Accept their faults, appreciate their virtues

Do not settle and do not conform

Initially, most people have the idea that when you've decided to have a partner, you do so because you are in love or you find that person incredibly attractive. However, it is not uncommon to find people who often settle for the first person who appears in their life. If the person who you've decided to be with doesn't fulfill you, or if you don't fulfill your partner's needs, the relationship will not end on a good note. If you want to have a stable relationship you have to value your partner and feel valued by them. If two people do not fulfill each other's needs, there is a gap that sooner or later will destroy the relationship. You should not feel like you are with the person in front of you because you're not able to get any better or because you simply find yourself comfortable, because a relationship involves many more things.

Getting to know each other takes time

Following the above, you may meet a person who you didn't fall in love with at first sight. In fact, many people start going out with each other when they've already known each other for a long time. This may happen because a new situation came about that never happened before, or because people have got to know each other better. It may be they've shared an experience together that ignites a spark in them that never existed before. Once you've started a relationship and want to have a stable relationship, the important thing is that you get to know each other, and that takes time, so don't be in a hurry.

How to Have a Stable Relationship - Getting to know each other takes time

Rushing is not good

Getting to know each other takes time, as well as achieving a stable relationship. Although there are no secrets or established rules, some relationships can go wrong by moving too fast. To better understand this, several imaginary lines can be drawn, with each involving moving up a step in the relationship. If you pass the first level to the fifth too fast, or even skip some of the steps above, reaching the point of achieving a stable relationship may be very complicated. Each relationship can be woven in a different way, but try to savor every new step that you reach with your partner, as this is something to be enjoyed.

How to Have a Stable Relationship - Rushing is not good


Trust is one of the steps explained in the previous section. Trust is one of the objectives to be achieved in the relationship, and something that is achieved over time. Once again, in order to build a stable relationship, you need to review the above points, to see that everything fits together and makes sense. Trust is one of the most precious assets in a relationship, and also one of the most difficult to achieve. Trust is believing in your partner, leaving jealousy aside, obtaining a mutual level of freedom that simultaneously unites you more than ever. Building a stable relationship without trust is impossible because it is like trying to ride in a car with a wheel that is losing air. For more information on the subject we advise you to take a look at our article on how to know if you can trust your partner.

How to Have a Stable Relationship - Trust

Thinking about the future

Someone who wants to build a stable relationship is someone who lives in the present, enjoys every moment, but looks ahead, thinking of plans and projects with their partner. If all the above has worked, two people who love each other will be thinking about charting a journey together that goes far beyond a round trip. It is a long journey that requires effort and sacrifice, but it has the advantage that it is shared. Thinking about the future means there is trust in the relationship. It's a sign that you care about forging a relationship in the best way you know how, making sure that you do it and do it right. At the same time, thinking about the future helps you to build a stable relationship, because you know what paths you want to take and those to avoid.

How to Have a Stable Relationship - Thinking about the future

Accept their faults, appreciate their virtues

If you are clear that you want to build a stable relationship, you must look at the person in front of you and realize that neither of you are perfect and never will be. The magic is in being able to see those virtues that make your partner a special person and which attract you to them, as well as accepting and trying to understand their shortcomings, by realizing that we all have them. This allows you to admire your partner's assets and trying to learn from them. In a way, this is a way of understanding each other which is something elusive, but highly desirable by most people looking to build a stable relationship. Understanding each other takes time, but when you achieve it, a look can replace any word.

How to Have a Stable Relationship - Accept their faults, appreciate their virtues

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How to Have a Stable Relationship