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When Is the Right Time to Say I Love You in a New Relationship

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
When Is the Right Time to Say I Love You in a New Relationship

When you have a partner, one of the most important steps is the moment that you say I love you. Confessing your feelings and saying them out loud is a key and decisive moment in any relationship. Saying those three magic words can be overwhelming and it's normal for you to always try to find out who will be the first person to say it. People are always afraid, especially if your feelings are unrequited, but if that's the case, you shouldn't delay it more. This explains when is the right time to say I love you in a new relationship.

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Steps to follow:


You should choose an appropriate time to tell your partner that you love them. But when is the right time to say I love you? It is not recommended that you confess your feelings after just a few weeks into a relationship. You can confuse yourself with the novelty and a craving for love. It's not a very wise decision. You must wait for that peculiar bubble to burst so that your true feelings are revealed. You must get to know your partner well and be very clear that the relationship is serious. When you feel that there are future prospects for both parties, this can be a good time to confess what you feel.

When Is the Right Time to Say I Love You in a New Relationship - Step 1

You need to be yourself when you tell your partner you love them. A declaration of love should be personal in your own style. Think about the way you'll express how you feel because it will be a lasting memory. The possibilities are endless but try to find a way that suits your personality and your journey as a couple. Whether you opt for spontaneity or you're more thorough, you must do it in a way that reflects your personality and the person you love.

Before admitting your love for your partner, you should consider the possibility of a negative response or even doubts. You must be ready for any reaction. It is clear that when you take that step and say "I love you", you'll have seriously reviewed the options and will be fairly sure you'll succeed. However, whatever the case may be, be prepared to lose the battle just in case, by being confident and in good humor.


Make this confession during a special and unforgettable moment. If you have planned to say it on a special date for the two of you, you can also think about what you can do to make it memorable. It may be a romantic dinner, an evening out, after a kiss and a look into their eyes... These are just a few moments where you can tell your partner you love them. You should never say it after a moment of passion, as they may not take it seriously. The best way to say "I love you" is by looking into their eyes, whilst holding their hand or waist. In an instant, it will feel really intimate.

When Is the Right Time to Say I Love You in a New Relationship - Step 3

It is very important to say "I love you" in a low voice which shows conviction and calm. You could even whisper these wonderful words in their ear. If you want to say it in a public place which is intimate in some ways, where third parties are going to be present, try to make sure they are trustworthy. While you are confessing your feelings, you must smile and don't show any nerves or anxiety. You must be satisfied with the mere fact of saying what you feel. Don't expect them to answer right away and enjoy the moment. If your partner loves you, they may not tell you at that moment, and instead they'll tell you when you least expect it.


It's advisable to be creative when telling your partner that you love them. You must think of original ways to express what you feel and, above all, say it in a very personal way. And above all, you should show your love, don't just say it in words. Although love is beautiful, it is even better to show it on a daily basis. Actions speak louder than words. Love must be shown by everything you do each day.

Some really lovely ways of saying "I love you" include painting the words on a wall dedicated to your partner or renting an advertising holder and placing an ad expressing your love. You can go on a trip and take advantage of a romantic place to say it. You can stroll through a recognizable and memorable places or go to a beautiful natural landscape, then close your eyes and say the precious words. These are just some ideas to say how much you love your partner in a truly unforgettable way.

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When Is the Right Time to Say I Love You in a New Relationship