Premature ejaculation

How to delay ejaculation

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to delay ejaculation

Holding back in bed is the desire of every man, and the truth is that every guy loves to see their partner satisfied and pleased after one or more orgasms. When desire is too much to control it can be a daunting task, but not impossible, so we'd like to give you some good clues so you know how to delay ejaculation, apply them next time you're in bed and leave your girl exhausted and satisfied.

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Steps to follow:


Create a balance between the duration of foreplay and intercourse as such, when foreplay lasts too long and involves overstimulation for you, you are likely to get to orgasm faster, so concentrate on pleasuring her while you enjoy watching her squirm with pleasure.


Using condoms slows ejaculation down, this is a great tool to delay ejaculation.


Change position when you feel that you are close to orgasm. There are certain positions that generate excessive pleasure, if you notice that she has not yet reached climax, choose another position to prolong your stamina. Furthermore some sexual positions are ideal for delaying ejaculation such as spooning, which also gives your partner lots of pleasure, put them into practice and improve your sex life.

How to delay ejaculation - Step 3

Reduce the pace of penetration to calm down, many women enjoy it smooth and it gives you the advantage of being able to control a little stimulation and thus delay ejaculation.


If you feel you're close and want to enjoy it even more, pull out your penis and stimulate your girl by touching her or with oral sex, this will take her to the summit of pleasure and possibly she won't notice how close you were to achieve orgasm.


Remove your penis and lightly pressing your finger on the tip can also help delay ejaculation.


Remember that sex should be a pleasurable experience for both, so concentrate on giving her the greatest possible satisfaction through games and stimuli and remember that sometimes climax is very difficult to control, so do not panic, and try it next time without pressure.

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  • Reducing anxiety and thinking about things that don't turn you on during sex are some of the strategies used by many to delay ejaculation
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Struggling to get an erection and premature Ejaculation ,has got me embarrassed and feel That I have lost my love for having sexual contact with ladies
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Hi David,

It is a common problem which many men face. It is important to know you are not alone and it is not the end of the world. You should speak to your doctor confidentially about the problem and determine whether the cause is physical or psychological. However, we have a general guide to help men achieve an erection which may be of some help:
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How to delay ejaculation