How to enlarge the penis and testicles

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to enlarge the penis and testicles

Penis and testicle enlargement is the "holy grail" of most men. There are some physiological solutions that help enlarge the size, health and volume thereof. Ultimately there is the possibility of enlarging the penis by surgery. On we explain some methods to enlarge the penis and testicles.

You'll need:
  • Ogiplex, Damiana, tongkat ali, or other genital enhancers
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Ginseng
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Steps to follow:

Tighten the skin of the scrotum and the bottom of the penis for two or three minutes, twice a day. Like much of the skin on your body, the skin of the genitals can also be extended a little.


The scrotum must be stretched to ensure that there is plenty of room for the testicles, and the underside of the penis must be stretched to prevent the erection from pulling the scrotum.


Take multivitamins daily, including amino acids that will help improve the size of your sexual organs.


Ginseng also stimulates the release of a hormone that increases the production of sperm, the size of the testicles, and sexual desire. Take ginseng for a few weeks and you will begin to see results, but never expect significant increases in the size of your penis or testicles.


Use a penis enlargement formula (the active ingredient is often extract pollen from flowers), such as Ogiplex, Damiana, or Tongkat Ali. This increases the prevalence of testosterone and other hormones, increasing the size of your genitals.


Another used method, known as jelqing or milking, consists on grasping your penis with your thumb and index finger (well lubricated) and massage your penis from the base to the glans (without touching the glans). This will allow the blood to arrive at the tip instead of staying at the bottom.

Note that you need to be semi-erect for this exercise, should not ejaculate and should repeat at least twice a week.


Some men also use special weights designed for this purpose which they attach to their penis and lift it. You need to practice this method, as lifting with a flaccid penis will be difficult to begin with, but if you master this technique many men swear by it and admit they have seen really good results in size increase.

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  • Consult your physician if you want to enlarge your penis and your testicles, he may advise you the steps have to follow.
  • Be careful

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How enlarge testicles
How to enlarge the penis and testicles
How to enlarge the penis and testicles

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