How to get a good erection

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to get a good erection

There are many elements that influence whether an encounter will translate into good sex one of them is undoubtedly a strong erection. But contrary to what many men believe, that does not only depend on the level of excitement, other factors play in favour or against having a good erection. On we explain what you need to know to enhance and keep your erection for longer.

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Steps to follow:

When it comes to sex, habits are often reflected in the way we react and even the satisfaction we get from each encounter. Therefore, to have a good erection you should review some aspects that could be harming a good answer.


If you want a night of passion and pleasure, then the best thing to have a good erection is to avoid excessive alcohol. One or two glasses can relax you, get you happy and turn you on, but a binge will leave you idle, making it very difficult to get a powerful erection.


Stress has become the condition of the modern world, and also affects health significantly, stress harms erections.

Whether you have problems at work, relationship problems or feel concerned about your response during the sexual encounter, this factor can make getting a good erection difficult. The advice is to leave aside the problems and not concentrate so much on perfect sexual performance, and enjoy stimuli to get a good erection.


If you want to improve your erections set aside a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity benefits sex because it improves blood circulation, making the heart pump more blood to all organs, including the penis, which results in stronger and longer lasting erections. They are also a perfect alternative to relax and reduce stress. Incorporate cardio to your routine and feel the difference.


We know that sex is highly enjoyable, but to get a good erection and please your girl it is important that you reduce anxiety levels, because, like stress, nervousness can make erection not be exactly the best. Enjoy the sexual experience gradually, without despair or pressure of any kind and when it comes to penetration both can enjoy it more.


Eating a healthy diet is a key element for good erections. Junk food, too much fried food or pastries, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides produced by a high-fat diet directly affect sexual performance, likewise affecting cardiovascular health. The healthier your diet, the better the erection.


Are you not confident in bed? Many men experience erection problems when they are living in a period of insecurity and depression. Be confident and with a good attitude, open to enjoy, explore and have fun, it's important to having a good erection and enhancing sex.


If you have suddenly experienced a change in your erections with no apparent reason, you should check if this is a side effect of a drug. Many medicines can interfere with the quality of erections, just as frequent consumption of some drugs results in erections diminishing significantly.


Getting a good erection is a combination of a pleasant and enjoyable stimulus, and healthy lifestyle. But many men have problems in this respect in spite of having good habits, if that's the case, it may be best to visit your doctor to find a specific solution to your particular condition.

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How to get a good erection
How to get a good erection

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