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How to Know if you can Trust your Partner

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Know if you can Trust your Partner

One of the most frequent doubts that a person has when in a couple is mistrust. It is an issue that generates a lot of anxiety and creates very harmful patterns of behavior when you live with someone. Have you seen something that has made you suspicious? Have you caught them in a lie? Do you think they're fooling around with other people? Mistrust is one of the problems that creates the most arguments and causes the most break-ups in a relationship. It is something that must be overcome and left behind if you want to continue to share happy and loving moments with this person. This OneHowTo.com article explains how to know if you can trust your partner.

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Whether you have suffered from any disappointment or not, a fear of infidelity and disloyalty is a very common fear that usually causes serious problems in a relationship. Often, if you've already been a victim of infidelity, it's not going to be easy to trust someone again. Any behavior may make you feel suspicious and worthy of mistrust. The reality is that when you've suffered in other relationships, leaving aside those fears is not easy. But if you love this person and they haven't given you a real reason to not trust them, keep on looking forwards and fight for this relationship.

How to Know if you can Trust your Partner - Step 1

Maintaining a stable relationship is not easy. You live in a constant battle to stay in love with each other and to stop problems and insecurity from harming your partnership together. If you need to address mistrust as one of those feelings, you often have to do the impossible to combat it. A good recommendation to know if you can trust your partner is to live in the present and try to avoid constantly remembering everything bad that happened to you in the past. Don't long for a future that doesn't exist yet.

With this, you must focus on the present moment. Has your partner given you a clear sign of distrust? It is not worth making assumptions or drawing very subjective conclusions. You should think seriously about whether your partner has done something to endanger your relationship. If not, enjoy the moment and do not look for excuses to argue.

How to Know if you can Trust your Partner - Step 2

Weigh out your current life as a couple. Think of all the good it does for you and all you can do for it to improve even more. Remember every demonstration of love, affection and fondness. Do not obsess about the small details like their phone messages or social networks, because they may simply have a social life. For example, if your partner is one of those who hides friendships and messages they send to other people, maybe you do have a reason to doubt them. Another reason to worry is if you see that they are an active member on dating websites in search of their ultimate partner. This type of behavior can be worthy of suspicion, as they clearly have something to hide and similarly, they are continuing to hunt for prey.

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How to Know if you can Trust your Partner - Step 3

A clear sign that your partner is untrustworthy is that they avoid any response when you tell them off about their behavior. After expressing your doubts, if they avoid you or avoid showing you any proof of their infidelity, they are definitely not being honest with you.

The truth is that distrust generates more distrust. If the person you love is unable to be honest and loyal in a simple answer, this is a very bad sign. Love is given and if that person is not willing to share everything and be completely trustworthy, it may be time to stop being together.

How to Know if you can Trust your Partner - Step 4

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How to Know if you can Trust your Partner