How to Seduce a Lawyer

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Seduce a Lawyer

Do you fancy a lawyer and don't know how to seduce them? You may believe that someone who is intelligent, and well-educated, and works in such a hard profession, may be really unapproachable. However, it's all about attitude. Don't think that you won't have any chance of seducing them just because this person is cultured and trained in law. There's always a way to win over someone's heart. So, this explains how to seduce a lawyer.

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Steps to follow:

In order to seduce a lawyer, you must be natural and a bit cheeky. Don't pretend to be someone you're not and be yourself. Being open, clear and genuine will be key to seducing a lawyer. If you try to pretend to be someone you're not, they'll feel disappointed and cheated.

You must act with self-confidence and demonstrate that you have great self-esteem. An intelligent person such as a lawyer will feel attracted to other people who are self-assured and who have the world at their feet. People who have goals, clear ideas, objectives and future plans.

How to Seduce a Lawyer - Step 1

Don't appear arrogant or start to compete to see who knows more about something. They won't like a competition of intelligence at all and they will consider it childish and immature. It's okay to prove that you are cultured and knowledgeable, but this is not an acceptable behavior in the medium term. Opt for a fun frame of mind on a first date, whilst also show your cultural side. It is important that they feel comfortable, interested and really welcome.

Take care of your appearance because this is a synonym for how you value yourself. Dress well, discreet and with a simple, unpretentious style. A lawyer will be attracted to a natural person who doesn't look artificial. Look for clothes that flatter you and show you in your best light.

How to Seduce a Lawyer - Step 2

You must show that you are calm and feel comfortable in any situation. It is very general advice but anyone can be attracted to someone who is not afraid of being ridiculed. Show your naturalness, sense of humour and intelligence when facing up to life's challenges. Being self-assured and self-confident is very attractive. If you behave in this way, they will appreciate your lifestyle and your personal grace. They'll want to spend time with you, so you'll seduce a lawyer sooner than you think.

How to Seduce a Lawyer - Step 3

In order to seduce a lawyer, you must practice honesty as a strategy. Even though you may not have the same education or culture as a lawyer, you´ll surely be up-to-date with current affairs, have literary tastes and opinions about life, which include your personal experiences. Don't be afraid to give your opinion on any matter and contribute your knowledge whenever you find an opportunity.

Asking a lawyer about a topic they know a lot about and you´re not as knowledgeable about will really impress and flatter them. They'll love you for it!

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How to Seduce a Lawyer
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How to Seduce a Lawyer

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