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How To Seduce A Man With Your Eyes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 27, 2017
How To Seduce A Man With Your Eyes

Eye contact is one of the most powerful types of body language, which also makes it one of the most intimidating. We often don't think about the eye contact we make with people. As soon as we do, it can make one or other of the people in conversation feel uncomfortable. This depends on the confidence of the individual. When people fall in love, one of the early signs happens as eyes meet. If the eyes meet and eye contact is maintained, this is a sign that something might happen between the two soon-to-be lovers. If you want to know how to seduce a man with your eyes, oneHOWTO helps you be bold without being embarrassed or offending the other person.

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Steps to follow:


The first glance

They say the first impression is the most important one and the same goes for seducing with your eyes. If you enter a room and see someone you would like to speak to, you will often look over to them and turn away as if doing something shameful (unless of course you are doing something shameful). Provide a confident glance which isn't leering or discomforting, but is flirty.

Not everyone will respond the same way to glances. In some cultures it is a sign of respect to avoid eye contact, so this doesn't mean the other person won't necessarily be interested. However, with others it may be simply that they are shy. They may not even think you are looking at them.

This is why from the very first glance, you need to read the other person and respond accordingly. Don't stare, don't make them uncomfortable, but let them register your interest. Once they look back at you again, you can hold your eyes longer and show you have noticed them. Being too forward will grant a deserved rejection, but being too shy might mean an opportunity slips away.


Exchange glances

Once the first glance has been made, you will know if you have got their attention or not. When flirting without words, you should still be able to register if they are interested. If they make an obvious head shake or make a dismissive motion, then it is unlikely they are going to be interested and you should probably cut it there.

If they look away after meeting your gaze, then it doesn't mean they are not interested. It could mean this, but it is probably the most normal response. If you meet eye contact with someone you don't know, you may avert your eyes out of surprise. However, if they do look back at you and make eye contact, either immediately or after a second, it is likely they are at least interested in chatting to you.

Exchange some glances, lingering a little longer with each one. This should demonstrate your interest without provoking an awkward situation for you both. Repeat this once again so that your intentions are clear and the game of seduction can move forward.


Don't forget the rest of your face

If you are making the first impression with your eyes, but are not following up with the rest of your face, then the seduction can go south quickly (and not in the good way). Imagine you see a person across the room and they lock eyes with you, but their face is contorted into anger or anguish or some other negative appearance. Being seduced may be the last thing on your mind.

You can smile widely with your eyes, but the one you make with your mouth should be more restrained. It should be cheeky, inviting and soft, not one which makes you look crazed. Your eyebrows are able to convey a lot of feelings too, so make sure they are suggestive, not angry.

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How To Seduce A Man With Your Eyes - Step 3

Maintain your gaze

As your glances get longer, you can start to maintain your gaze. This is when the rest of your facial expression becomes even more important. With suggestive eyebrows, widening eyes and turning smile, you should be able to show your interest without saying a word.

When trying to seduce a man with your eyes, you can't simply use your face alone. The rest of your body language should also be inviting. Don't stand awkwardly or slouched. Show confidence in your stance and draw attention to other parts of your body with your hands. Don't overdo it. Subtly touch your hips or even bring a finger to your mouth to touch your lips.

All of this can be done subtly, but if you move too much or are too suggestive, then it will go from sexy to strange quickly. A little daring is different from going all guns blazing.


Successful seduction

Practising these tips on how to seduce a man with your eyes, you will see that they will get results with a lot of guys. However, it won't work on everyone. This will be more to do with them than you (they have a partner, they are shy, they are just not into you, etc.).

If you are successful in piquing their interest, you should end up chatting. During your conversation, eye contact can make the situation more comfortable and captivating at the same time. Follow these tips to act naturally and enhance your attractiveness:

  • While he does the talking, focus your eyes on other parts of his face rather than on his eyes. Looking at the forehead area and his hair is a good option for direct contact that's not uncomfortable and challenging.
  • When you're the one talking, look into his eyes intermittently and not fixedly.
  • The key is to keep the glances brief and moving at all times (although not shiftily).

If it is someone you are really interested in, then you might just want to use this seduction technique to get their interest. If the guy is decent, he should appreciate honesty and be open to chatting. Perhaps this when you should think about seducing a guy with your words instead.

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How To Seduce A Man With Your Eyes