How To Seduce Your Best Friend

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Seduce Your Best Friend

Your best friend is one of the people with whom you spend more time and they're the person who knows you best. If, over time, you feel there is something more than a friendship, do not be shocked, this can happen to anyone, and that falling in love with your best friend is actually very common. So you will teach you on OneHowTo how to seduce your best friend successfully, you little chancer!

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Steps to follow:

You can start by giving off signals that you love your best friend. Spending more time with them, and then you can find the right time to talk about your feelings. You can only do this if he or she does not have a partner. A love triangle may complicate things, but not always. If you know that your friend does not like anyone else, you can open and seize this opportunity.

However, as you are already in the so-called "friend zone" you should take care not to overdo the sweetness, kindness and availability, let your friend know that you are a potential lover and partner as well as a good friend who is always there for them.

How To Seduce Your Best Friend - Step 1

You must behave like a slithering seductress. Put on your nicer clothes and sexy little outfits. Be more flirtatious, and let him or her see that you've always been there and that you could fill in their slot. Therefore, increase the intensity and see for yourself if your friend is ready to take the plunge.

How To Seduce Your Best Friend - Step 2

Men are not very good with being indirect in comparison to women. Test the ice before jumping in. Men are slightly more visual and they can begin to understand physical contact. You can give more hugs and kiss near the mouth, and you will see how they will react.

Plus, who knows your best friend better than you? Make sure you share moments you know he or she will enjoy, go to your friend's favorite places, be the perfect potential partner.

How To Seduce Your Best Friend - Step 3

A final tactic may be to steal a kiss, so you know how they feel. However, in certain circumstances the friendship may be damaged, but if you do not dare then we will never know how the story ends. Do you dare to flaunt it?

Don't act desperate if you are rejected, be careful reading the other person's signals before you take this very important step, remember the other person has a say in all of this too.

How To Seduce Your Best Friend - Step 4

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How To Seduce Your Best Friend
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How To Seduce Your Best Friend

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