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How to Shave my Genital Area for Sex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 23, 2017
How to Shave my Genital Area for Sex

How you keep your pubic hair is a personal choice, but there are considerations you should make. Keeping it unruly is something many enjoy: it takes less maintenance and it can create a padding during sex. It also runs the risk of being less hygienic and is not always the most pleasant when performing oral sex. For those who like a more shaved look, whether it be a tapered style or getting rid of the whole kit and caboodle, there are some considerations you might want to make. That's why oneHOWTO has this guide on how to shave my genital area for sex so that you can get the look and feel you need for preferred sexual activity.

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  1. Before you shave your genitals
  2. Trim pubic hair first
  3. How to reduce itchiness when shaving genitals
  4. Use the right materials
  5. Watch out for sensitive skin
  6. After you shave your genitals

Before you shave your genitals

Before you start to shave your pubic hair, you should consider whether you want to do it or not. If you watch pornography, you may get the impression that completely shaving your pubic hair is what everybody does, but this isn't the case. The full Brazilian is when all the hair is completely removed, but it has only been a relatively recent trend. This is partly due to social attitudes and partly due to development of the technology to make it happen.

While it does mean you won't have any pubes getting in the way of sex, there are reports that completely removing all hair from your genitals can increase the probability of catching an STD[1]. It can also lead to itching and, if not kept clean, can lead to pores getting clogged, resulting in painful ingrown hair. Pubic hair also has a purpose as it helps cushion the genitals during penetrative sex. This is why many people often leave a triangle or patch.

After you have decided you do indeed want to shave, you will need to plan your style. You don't want to go in there like you're taking a machete to some jungle shrubbery. American waxing keeps everything which isn't covered by bikini bottoms while French waxing just leaves a patch (sometimes known as a landing strip). Hair grows differently for individuals, some may have a naturally trim bush whereas others have more of an overgrown lawn. Whatever is comfortable for you, you often have greater control if you shave.

Here are the steps you'll need to take for an easy and bespoke way to shave your genitals for sex:

Trim pubic hair first

The first step to shaving your pubic area is to trim it. We don't mean give yourself a nether region short back and sides. It's simply so that you can get better access for shaving. The same happens when men trim their beards. Simply take some scissors and gather the longer hair between your fingers. Trim and dispose of the hair appropriately.

An electric trimmer can make this process even easier. If you want to shave completely, then you can use the trimmer to shave closer and then you can go over it again with a razor. NOTE: be careful with loose skin!

How to reduce itchiness when shaving genitals

As with any shaving of the skin, you will want to reduce itchiness as much as possible. You can learn how to do this more fully by reading our article on how to prevent itchiness when shaving pubes. For a summary, you need to make sure you prep the genital area first.

Don't shave when you are unclean such as after sex or post-exercising. This is because salts in sweat and dirt from anywhere can get into the freshly opened pores. This can lead to the pores getting infected and may result in spots or ingrown hairs. Also, washing the pubic area with warm water will open up the pores and make shaving easier.

Use the right materials

A good and safe idea is to purchase an intimate area shaving cream. This should have ingredients which are beneficial for sensitive skin will help you to avoid red bumps (known as razor burn). A conventional shaving cream should also work, but if this is your first time shaving, make sure you don't have any allergies. You can test a bit on a patch of skin elsewhere. This will prevent a nasty reaction occurring in your most sensitive of areas.

Also, shave with a razor which is new and clean. Going to the trouble of prepping your genitals for shaving and using a dirty razor will mean you have wasted your time. You don't need a seventeen blade laser guided razor, but best to stay away from the cheap disposables as well.

Watch out for sensitive skin

Once you have decided on your personal choice of style, prepped your pubes and have all your equipment to hand, lather up the area with the cream. Don't go in dry otherwise you might end up with some nasty razor burn. If you have a vagina, be particularly careful around the labia. You should use one hand to stretch the skin while you shave the other. A large surface area will give you better control for shaving.

The same goes if you have a penis and testicles. You will want to hold the scrotum carefully and ensure you don't nick any loose skin. Don't apply too much pressure and glide over the area as smoothly as you can.

After you shave your genitals

Going against the grain will give you a closer shave, but it will also make it easier to abrade the skin. To shave the shape you want in your pubes, take a mirror and set it in front of you. It is better if you are sitting down on a stool or chair. You can also do this in the bath which will give you easier access to warm water and should be an easier mess to clean.

Once you are done, rinse with cold water. The reason for this is the cold restricts the pores and closes them. This will stop dirt getting in and clogging them. As you would do if you were shaving your face, you can use an aftershave lotion on the shaved skin. Just make sure you don't get it on any sensitive areas which could cause a reaction.

Now that you have shaved your genitals for sex, you might find you really enjoy the sensation. However, hair removal in the pubic area shouldn't be the same as one might do for their face. Stay with us if you want to know how often you should shave your genitals and pubic area. If you aren't satisfied with just hairless genitals, you can also read how to remove hair from your anus area.

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How to Shave my Genital Area for Sex