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How to give oral sex to a woman

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to give oral sex to a woman
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In the world of sex, feelings and the senses prevail and all stimuli are valid. Oral sex is definitely one of the best, for both men and women. Stimulation that is unmatched by any other, but that should be practiced with a soft and gentle technique since the mouth will have direct contact with important erogenous zones such as the clitoris. So the more you know, the better! At OneHowTo.com we'll explain how to give oral sex to a woman so she can fully enjoy powerful orgasms.

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  1. Before oral sex
  2. Fundamental keys to give good oral sex
  3. Your tongue and the clitoris
  4. Your tongue and the lips and entrance of the vagina
  5. Lick the entire area
  6. Tongue, hands and games: pure pleasure

Before oral sex

Foreplay is critical for your woman to climax and really enjoy sex, because women need a more intense and constant stimulation than men to achieve a good orgasm. Although oral sex is fantastic, before going directly to the vagina, it's good to stimulate her in other ways, i.e., kissing and licking her breasts, moving to her crotch and kissing, licking and stroking this area, which are all very sensitive. If you do it right you'll see her squirm with pleasure, making little moans and movements until your mouth finally reaches her vagina. Wait a little, you can still play gently with your fingers on her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina, masturbating her for a moment and preparing her for the intense pleasure you're about to give her.

Fundamental keys to give good oral sex

There are things you can't afford to overlook when giving a woman oral sex and that will make all the difference between a pleasurable cunnilingus that will result in an intense orgasm and any old licking, so take the following into account:

  • The vagina is very sensitive and needs to be handled gently. You can suck and lick it but never forget that gentleness is as important for her as much as it is for you when you receive oral sex.
  • Being gentle doesn't mean barely touching her. If you lick too softy, she wont feel it intensely, so a good way to maintain a balance is to imagine that your tongue is your penis. Do it as you would with your phallus, use it to rub her clit, to penetrate her and to lick her up and down. You must find the midpoint between different techniques and rhythms.
  • Maintain a good rhythm, because this will help her to reach orgasm.
  • You must be careful and watch what she does when your tongue is in different parts of her vagina. There are places that generate more pleasure and she will make sure you know with moans, words or more intense spasms. When this happens, give these places the attention they deserve.
  • For her to feel pleasure and reach orgasm, you too must enjoy oral sex. You can tell when someone doesn't enjoy it, when it's an obligation, so if you devote yourself to this task, give it your all and do it well.

Your tongue and the clitoris

The clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone of the female body and contains many nerves, that when stimulated are the source of intense pleasure. The tongue and the clitoris go well together, but you should know how to do it. At first, use the tip of the tongue to begin licking, starting at the bottom and moving upward, from the lips to the clitoris, as a nice introduction. When she's warmed up, it's time to increase the sensations and the intensity. Use your whole tongue to cover the clitoris and lick her whole vagina. You can make circles with your tongue, licking in long and short strokes, varying between the two and trying different things to see your woman likes the most.

Your tongue and the lips and entrance of the vagina

In the previous tips, you read that it's important to imagine your tongue as your penis when giving good oral sex. With it you can caress the labia of your girlfriend, both the inside and the outside and then you can introduce your tongue gently into the opening of the vagina. Start with the tip of your tongue, licking lightly and when you feel that she's enjoying it, then you can lick with a little more tongue and simulate penetration, a very pleasurable sensation. You can also suck a little using your mouth to kiss the entire area, as if her vagina was another mouth and you're kissing it. This gives women great pleasure.

Lick the entire area

An incredible way to give pleasure to a woman with oral sex is by licking the entire area from near the anus to the clitoris. This will cause her intense pleasure. When you're doing it, either only in the vagina or going a little further back, its good to use the entire tongue, feeling all the moisture in this area. Your enthusiasm and desire will be very arousing for your woman who is sure to reach a powerful orgasm thanks to your technique.

Tongue, hands and games: pure pleasure

The key to oral sex, including sex in general, is rhythm and variety. If you start performing oral sex on a woman by licking, for example, the clitoris, and you remain there, after a few minutes it will get boring. So you must alternate between the clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, licking the entire area, sucking, suck your own finger a bit, then insert it inside her and masturbate her, while touching her breasts. Imagine that your mission is to give her the utmost pleasure and you'll do whatever it takes to do it. So you should create a varied repertoire of different techniques. This alone makes all the difference, ensuring powerful orgasms for your partner and great enjoyment for you.

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How to give oral sex to a woman