How to Masturbate My Girlfriend

By Mary Smith. Updated: September 21, 2017
How to Masturbate My Girlfriend

To masturbate your girlfriend, you should start slowly and ask her what pleases her. Stimulate her genital area and clitorides with both hands and tongue and remember to also touch other parts of her body, especially the breasts.

In sex, it's exploration that allows us to reach levels of pleasure that were difficult to imagine beforehand. In the case of women, sometimes reaching an orgasm is not an easy task, that's why sexual games are important, and within them there's a tool that hardly ever fails: manual or oral stimulation. That's why oneHOWTO would like to give you some tips so you know how to masturbate your girlfriend.

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Guide to masturbate a woman step by step

Here's how to masturbate a woman step by step, so you know the way to go and how you can make your girlfriend live one of the most pleasurable and incredible orgasms of her life, take note:

  1. To begin with, your hands should be well cleaned and your nails well cut so you don't harm or injure the female intimate area.
  2. The vagina should be minimally lubricated before beginning masturbation. This is key so that the woman does not feel discomfort. To achieve this, turn her on by kissing, caressing, licking the area ..., play with other erogenous areas of her body, such as the neck, ears, shoulders, breasts, crotch, etc. Accompany this with looks of desire, dirty talk and everything that you can think of so that her excitement is constantly increasing.
  3. When you feel she is turned on, put your hand to her intimate parts and locate the clitoris. This is extremely sensitive, so always do it with the greatest delicacy. To locate it, bring your fingers to the top of the outer vaginal lips, descend to the lower lips, raise your fingers a little and that little mountain you will notice is the clitoris.
  4. Surround the clitoris with your fingers and massage it gently from top to bottom and side to side (right and left). It is important that you do not touch it abruptly and that you do not massage it intermittently and strongly from top to bottom and vice versa, as this can generate great discomfort.
  5. While massaging the clitoris, kiss and caress her body so that she reaches a maximum point of excitement.
  6. With your fingers, distribute all its natural lubrication through the vagina caressing the entire area gently.
  7. Insert two fingers into the vagina, gently rotate them while keeping the other hand pressing a little on the clitoris, but always around it and never directly above.
  8. If you notice that your girl is very lubricated, you can insert and remove the fingers from her vagina more quickly, varying the intensity of the speed, and continues massaging her clitoris equally.
  9. Finally, keep your fingers still inside the vagina and try to press the clitoris a little with your thumb so that, finally, she reaches climax and has a great orgasm. In the following article you can see what the signs will tell you that a woman has reached orgasm are.

The power of the clitoris

Before starting with foreplay and if you really aren't sure where to start, sensually ask her what she wants you to do, make her know you're willing to please her in everything, this is how she'll guide you so you can start on a good step.

The is one of the most erogenous and most powerful areas in a woman's body, and the key to masturbation and feminine orgasm is its correct stimulation. You can do it by hand or through oral sex.

Not only the genital area

Although it's clear that you'll be concentration on the genital area when masturbating your girlfriend, remember that sexual pleasure is a compendium of sensations, which is why you can't forget about other arousing areas such as ears, neck and specially breasts, which require special attention.

Delicacy & lubrication

While you masturbate your partner it's important to remember that the genital area is a delicate area you should handle with care, as are breasts. Start slowly and then increase the rhythm according to her increase in arousal. You should also remember it's important that she remains lubricated, so penetration is easier.

Sex toys

Apart from all the tricks you can use if you use your hands and tongue adequately, some sex toys are ideal for girl masturbation, offering them the opportunity of mutual pleasure, as the more aroused she is, the better your sexual intercourse will be. If both of you enjoy mutual masturbation, learn how to masturbate as a couple.

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  • Deja a un lado la timidez y dedícate a complacer a tu pareja, de seguro ella te lo agradecerá.

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How to Masturbate My Girlfriend
How to Masturbate My Girlfriend

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