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How to Tell Someone that you Like Them

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell Someone that you Like Them

Do you want some tips on how to tell someone that you like them? We all know that it is not easy to stand in front of a person you are drawn to and say 'I like you'. Of course it is not always necessary to do so, sometimes the attraction between two people is so obvious that everything flows incredibly naturally. However when this is not the case what can you do? Should you find yourself in this situation at we share some suggestions for you to know how to tell someone that you like them.

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  1. No place for nerves
  2. Confidence matters
  3. Less talk and more action
  4. Beware 'over planning'
  5. Romance with caution
  6. The ways in which we relate

No place for nerves

Clearly it is not easy at any age to tell someone you like them but it is always important to try and calm some of the anxiety and nerves of the moment and let things flow in a more organic form. If you are nervous it can be twice as hard to go to that person and start talking about your feelings. Breath deeply and stay calm, there is nothing to worry about!

Confidence matters

It is very important to feel confident. If you are a guy and you plan to tell her that you like her you must remember that women are intuitive and quickly perceive of what is happening, if you are filled with fears she could notice this and it can divert her attention. If you are a girl and you need him to know once and for all what you feel, then a similar situation emerges, human beings in general are attracted by confidence so you should remember this. So, whatever you say, the keyword to how to tell someone that you like them is confidence.

Less talk and more action

Do not confuse statements, no endless palaver, the message is simple: I like you and that is exactly what you mean to say. Decorating it too much will only make you more nervous. So, how to tell someone that you like them? Just say it clearly! If there is an existing friendship between you maybe you could start by saying 'I know we have been friends for a long time, but the truth is that I like you and I can not help it', simple, direct and charming .

Beware 'over planning'

Taking that person to see a sunset, going out of town, saying it in a super romantic restaurant... well, it is not a bad thing, it is perhaps a bit too much. Sometimes planning an event increases the expectation we have of it, and the beauty of a 'I like you' is not in the environment but the feeling of the words. How to tell someone that you like them is not about the place, but about what you say.

Romance with caution

If that person is so special to you that you simply can not imagine how to tell him or her how much you like them without doing so in a super romantic and original way, then carry out your idea, but remember that in the middle of all the detail it is good to keep things simple. A good tip is to make sure that the other person is also romantic, otherwise you could look ridiculous.

The ways in which we relate

Sometimes we spend months and maybe even years feeling attracted to someone and not daring to speak about it because there is a friendship, because it is your friend's sister, because you work together, etc. These scenarios are of course usually harder to face, but if you really like that person and you think speaking out is the right thing to do then you should just do it. In synthesis the answer to how to tell someone that you like them is, just do it!

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How to Tell Someone that you Like Them