Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men

Aphrodisiacs encompass anything can increase sexual desire, whether it be a stimulant for the senses or those that can be consumed as drinks, foods and condiments. These ingredients can also be used to make perfumes and cosmetics for skin use.

The origin of the word "aphrodisiac" comes from the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite who, according to mythology, emerged from the sea foam. There are many existing natural aphrodisiacs, but we at OneHowTo want to talk about natural aphrodisiacs for men, those that will equip them with greater vigor and sexual stamina.

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Aphrodisiac infusions are a great asset as a natural alternatives to viagra. We recommend that you wait about 15 minutes before starting any sexual encounter, and you will see their desire grow during this time. Among the most popular you can consume are:

  • Mint tea infusion and royal jelly infusion: these two infusions stimulate the nervous and genital system, which will increase the man's feeling of sexual desire as soon as he takes it.
  • Nettle infusion with honey: to combat impotence and activate his sexual desire, this is a very good natural remedy for men and is very easy to make at home.
  • Ginseng: This root has always been characterized by its reputation to rejuvenate and boost vigor in men, and an infusion with this herb can open the sexual appetite of anyone. In the following article you can see in detail what else is ginseng good for.
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Some vegetables, aside from being nutritious, have the effect of generating sexual desire in men thanks to their vitamins and properties. We recommend two of the most famous:

  • Asparagus: they have a lot of vitamin E, which boosts the flow of blood and oxygen in the male genital area. Besides this vitamin, it contains potassium, very useful for producing sex hormones.
  • Celery: this is a milder aphrodisiac for men, because it acts on their sexual organs moderately, but its effect is increased if mixed with beetroot.
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Although there are many fruits that activate our sexual desire, banana is a prime example of an aphrodisiac fruit not only because of its shape and the sensation of putting it into your mouth, but also because of its large potassium content, which - like with asparagus - produces sex hormones. Other fruits that are considered aphrodisiacs since ancient times are figs and red berries. It is always recommended to use fruits for this in desserts to activate sexual desire immediately.

Some nuts increase sexual desire in men. Hazelnuts, thanks to their high content of arginine and vitamin B, increase vasodilation.

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The most famous seafood that is also a natural aphrodisiac is the oyster - not only does it increase the man's libido, but it also produces a larger amount of sperm. If you are thinking of conceiving, a good plate of oysters is one of the best recommendations to unleash your passion with the best end. Salmon, meanwhile, also has the same effect on a man's testosterone.

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Condiments are very easy to add to meals, so we can give our dishes an exotic and sensual touch if we want to increase a man's vigor. You can do so with these ingredients:

  • Garlic: the allicin that garlic contains enhances the libido and activates blood circulation to the genitals, making it a great natural aphrodisiac for men.
  • Sugar: this has to do with the problem of hypoglycaemia, because when we feel lack of sugar, our adrenaline blocks the hormones responsible for our libido. Instead, with a moderate amount of sugar in the body we feel stronger and more alive.
  • Chocolate: this is the ultimate aphrodisiac because it produces endorphins in our body - they are happiness hormones and give us a lot of energy, increasing a man's vigor.
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These are some ideas for natural aphrodisiacs for men - choose your favorites, try them out, and recommend us your best options in the comments section.

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Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men