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When Does A Penis Stop Growing?

When Does A Penis Stop Growing?

Penis size is a commonly discussed subject among boys and men. Penis size is a pretty mystified subject that generates big questions and insecurities, specifically in men who think that their penises are too small. Did you know that the vast majority of men are actually average in penis size? Only very few exceptions have what is called a micro-penis. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to note a great anxiety among younger men with regard to the size of their penis an that's why we’re here!

If you've ever asked yourself the question: "When does your penis stop growing?" In this OneHOWTO article, we’ll be explaining all of the different stages and sizes of penis growth in addition to average penis size by country. Keep reading for more.

  1. At what age does a man’s penis stop growing?
  2. At what age does a penis stop growing: penis sizes
  3. Penis sizes: micro, small, standard, normal, large, macro
  4. Average penis size by country
  5. Penis sizes: by country

At what age does a man’s penis stop growing?

Despite the fact that no study can show that origin and ethnicity have an influence on penis size, in reality, the average length of a male’s penis varies very often from one country to another. In addition to the final size of penises, it is clear that in all men there is one day when a penis stops growing.

It is difficult to give an exact and universal age of when a penis stops growing. This is because penis growth varies from one person to another. What is certain, however, is that penis growth directly relates to hormonal production, lifestyle and food. In other words, the higher the hormone production in a male, the bigger the penis. Boys who tend to suffer from hormonal problems will often, on the contrary, have a smaller penis.

Studies published on this subject explain that the average size of a penis reaches approximately 10 centimeters at rest and between 12-17 cm in erection. But then, you may wonder, at what age does a male penis stop growing? Well, in truth, the growth of a penis advances at the same rate as the growth of other body parts, which can develop up to 19-20 or 21 years. At these ages, the penis can grow between about 1/2 cm. For more, we recommend reading our article where we discuss how to measure a penis correctly.

When Does A Penis Stop Growing? - At what age does a man’s penis stop growing?

At what age does a penis stop growing: penis sizes

As we explained earlier, a penis grows together with the rest of the body, which means that when a body is completely developed, so is the penis. Penis growth excels during puberty when hormonal production is high. In order to fully understand the growth stages of a penis, they must be divided into two stages:

At the age of around 12-13, at the beginning of puberty, hormonal production intensifies enormously and it is at this time that a penis grows the most. This stage lasts until about 16-17 years. When this first stage of penis growth comes to an end, the evolution of the penis size will be much less obvious. But as we mentioned, even if just a little, a penis can still grow up to 21 years. During these 3-4 years, the penis grows bigger in width and becomes thicker.

If you are not 20 years old yet, you do not have to worry about the size of your penis since it is still in period of growth and has not yet reached its maximum size or width. If, on the contrary, you are 21 years old and your growth has proceeded without too much trouble, then it is very likely that the your penis has stopped growing. For more, read our article where we look at what is the size of a normal penis?

When Does A Penis Stop Growing? - At what age does a penis stop growing: penis sizes

Penis sizes: micro, small, standard, normal, large, macro

Penis size is one of the most controversial topics and sources of teasing, amusement or tension among young men and adults. Nevertheless, people are starting to understand that no matter how big or small your penis is, what matters is what you do with it. Sex is not affected by penis size.

Summarized, here are the standard penis sizes in cm (erect):

  • Penis size 1 to 7 cm: micro-penis
  • Penis size 8 to 12 cm: considered small
  • Penis size 12 to 14 cm: world standard
  • Penis size 14 to 16 cm: considered normal
  • Penis size from 16 to 22 cm: considered large
  • Penis size more than 22 cm: considered macro-penis

Average penis size by country

To finish off, we will be mentioning the average size of penises by country. Remember that your penis size does not matter, it’s what you do with it! In addition, these studies are simply an estimate and always depend on the person. So, if you’re curious about the average penis size by country, keep reading:

The 5 countries with the biggest penises

  • Congo: at an average size of: 17.93 cm.
  • Ecuador: average reaching 17.77 cm.
  • Ghana: average size of 17.31 cm.
  • Colombia and Venezuela: These two Latin American countries share the 4th place with an average penis size of 17.03 cm.
  • Lebanon: 5th place is obtained by Lebanon with an average of 16.82 cm.

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The 5 countries with the smallest penises

  • North Korea and South Korea: average penis size of 9.66 cm.
  • Cambodia: Located in Southeast Asia, average of 10.04 cm.
  • Thailand: with an average size of 10.16 cm.
  • India: with an average of 10.24 cm.
  • Burma: 5th in the list, we have Burma whose male population has a penis with an average length of 10.7 cm.

But don’t worry if you have a small penis, we have the perfect article for you! Read best sex positions for a small penis.

Penis sizes: by country

And between the two above mentioned penis rankings, is our list of penis sizes from other countries (largest to smallest):

  1. Bolivia (16.51 cm)
  2. Panama (16.27 cm)
  3. Brazil (16.10 cm)
  4. Peru (16.03 cm)
  5. Haiti (16.01 cm)
  6. France (16.01 cm)
  7. Dominican Republic (15.99 cm)
  8. Cuba (15.87 cm)
  9. Belize (15.75 cm)
  10. Italy (15.74 cm)
  11. Guatemala (15.67 cm)
  12. Paraguay (15.53 cm)
  13. Nicaragua (15.26 cm)
  14. Uruguay (15.14 cm)
  15. Mexico (15.10 cm)
  16. Costa Rica (15.01 cm)
  17. Honduras (15 cm)
  18. Chile (14.49 cm)
  19. Germany (14.48 cm)
  20. Spain (13.85 cm)
  21. United Kingdom (13.97 cm)
  22. Russia (13.21 cm)
  23. USA (12,90 cm)
  24. China (10.89 cm)

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