Sex positions: The Amazon

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
Sex positions: The Amazon

Practising various sex positions is the perfect way to enjoy much more exciting and enjoyable intimate encounters. In the Kamasutra we can find a variety of positions that will definitely allow us to experience new things and get away from the routine. If we are talking about really original and different sex positions, we cannot ignore The Amazon. Do you want to know everything about this position? Keep reading this OneHowTo article and take note!

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Steps to follow:

Although The Amazon may be one of the most difficult sex positions to carry out, it is also one of the most promising positions to enjoy a deep and intense penetration. It allows the girl to ride on top of her partner or companion in a more primitive and wild way. The guy should be on his back with his legs slightly apart and bent, bringing his knees toward his chest. She sits directly on his erection, staying crouched and looking for the angle that is most comfortable.

Sex positions: The Amazon - Step 1

To avoid discomfort during intercourse, it is advisable that the girl enters the penis into her vagina slowly and gently. Her thighs will be in charge of propelling all the movement that the penetration requires in The Amazon position, which will be done in an ascending and descending way.


The Amazon offers a truly enjoyable and exciting experience in which the guy can increase the passion of the encounter by caressing her body and even gripping her buttocks or massaging her anus. The ideal thing is to let go!


Despite demanding leg strength and good fitness on the part of the girl, The Amazon is a very suitable position for large penises. This is because the girl has complete freedom to bend down to where she wants, setting the pace and allowing a more or less deep penetration, whichever she prefers.


Also, due to the intensity of penetration it is one of the best sex positions for achieving a delightful G-spot stimulation. Reaching that point is not easy, but once you reach it, you get the maximum amount of pleasure leading you to discover unimaginable sensations.


Another major advantage of The Amazon is that it enables the girl to enjoy intercourse while exercising her buttocks and toning her body. Dare to try and discover a new position that also benefits your physical form.

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Sex positions: The Amazon
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Sex positions: The Amazon

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