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The Best Sitting Sex Positions

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 28, 2018
The Best Sitting Sex Positions

Varying sex positions in your sex life and not always doing it in bed is critical to avoid falling into a routine and ending up bored. Why not enjoy the pleasure of sitting positions? There are many positions you can do that are ideal for getting cosy in smaller, unexpected and very exciting places. If you want to put a spin on your most intimate moments and try new experiences, check out the following article at OneHOWTO and discover the best sitting sex positions.

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  1. The hammock
  2. The cowgirl
  3. The delight
  4. Close contact position
  5. The armchair
  6. The wrap
  7. The Amazon

The hammock

As the name implies, this position to make love involves the swinging movement of a hammock. The man should be sitting with his legs slightly bent and his back tilted back a little. The woman should sit on top of him, placing her legs around his waist, and thus begins penetration. She has the ability to control the movement and both partners will have their hands free to caress and enjoy manual stimulation. Another advantage of this sitting sex position is that it's also one of the positions that burn the most calories too!

The Best Sitting Sex Positions - The hammock

The cowgirl

If you get the urge in an unexpected place, either in the car, office or a public bathroom, the cowgirl position is ideal to unleash your passion, and is very good if you are having sex with a taller woman. For this position, the man should be seated while the woman is seated on top of him with her legs around his hips to receive penetration. In this position, it's easy to enjoy a super intense and pleasurable orgasm.

You can also increase the amount of pleasure by doing this position reversed. How? It's very easy! Instead of being face to face, the woman can sit with her back to him, allowing the man to stimulate her breasts as well as her clitoris.

The Best Sitting Sex Positions - The cowgirl

The delight

A sitting sex position for hot, passionate sex in a small space. For this position, the woman should sit on the edge of a surface while the man kneels in front of her, with his penis at the same level as her vagina. Moreover, it's a position that allows for kisses and caresses, and above all, to control the pace of penetration and perfect for delaying ejaculation to enjoy sex for longer.

The Best Sitting Sex Positions - The delight

Close contact position

And if you want a more romantic and tender experience, try the close contact position. It's quite comfortable and both bodies are fully intertwined. The man should sit with his legs crossed while she sits on top of him, using her legs and hips to control the pace of penetration. Meanwhile, you can delight your partner with sweet words and whispers in each other's ear.

The Best Sitting Sex Positions - Close contact position

The armchair

This is undoubtedly one of the best sitting sex positions to enjoy very intense penetration and completely new sensations. The man should be sitting with his back against a cushion, while the woman sits on top of him and puts her legs on his shoulders and then inserts the penis into the vagina. The friction is perfect and the distance between the lovers' faces makes it very hot and sexy.

The Best Sitting Sex Positions - The armchair

The wrap

Another variant of sitting sex positions that is highly pleasurable for women is the Wrap. This position allows very deep penetration and is great to turn a guy on as his face will be at the same height as the woman's breast.

To perform this position, the man must sit with his legs straight in front of him. The woman will go on top, totally wrapping her legs around the man's torso. As we've said, this is also a great position to help a woman reach orgasm, as it allows the penis to reach female g-spot much easily.

The Amazon

Okay, technically, it's the woman that's sitting on the man's behind, but it still counts, right? The Amazon requires certain skills, so it's only recommended for those of you who have an athletic nature. It is one of the most difficult positions in the Kamasutra but is certainly highly enjoyable. The man lies flat and lifts his legs. The woman rests her buttocks on his while he wraps his legs around her waist. Dare to give it a try?

The Best Sitting Sex Positions - The Amazon

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