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Kamasutra Sex positions: The Hammock

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 2, 2017
Kamasutra Sex positions: The Hammock
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The willingness to innovate and experiment with new feelings is something that certainly makes intimate encounters always different and enjoyable. What better way to look for maximum enjoyment, than different and original sex positions?Do you know the Hammock? It is a Kamasutra position and ensures exciting orgasms but also very tender and romantic moments. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article if you want to discover all the details about the Hammock.

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Steps to follow:


As its name suggests, the Hammock is a different and very pleasant position to enjoy delicious movements that mimic the motion of a hammock. The guy sits on a surface, preferably hard, with legs bent and back slightly tilted back. The girl stands with legs apart on either side of his waist. Then she slowly sits between the boy's legs and gently start penetration, while placing her hands on his shoulders. Both can move and he can push the girl's body using his knees, bringing her closer to facilitate the entry of the penis into the vagina.

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This sex position is ideal to make the most of physical contact. On the one hand, you can enjoy a romantic intimate moment with kisses, erotic licks and kissing on the face, neck, shoulders, back, etc. That is why it is considered one of the most tender Kamasutra positions. And, secondly, it allows the man to manual and orally stimulate the girl's breasts, she just needs to bend back a so that they hover just at the height of his face.


It also allows to enjoy more intense penetration during intercourse and is great for encouraging clitoral stimulation and G-spot simultaneously. Because of the girl's position, the penis' angle of entry is slightly more closed and narrow, so that the friction is much higher and they feel more pleasure in those moments.


Although the Hammock is a position that we can implement at any time, is a great choice for places like the shower at home or a jacuzzi, where water falling through the body of both offers a very, very pleasant experience, or the car as you can do both in the driver's seat and the passenger. You just have to let yourself go and enjoy!


Although it is adequate for all penis types, those with a long,mushroom or banana shaped penis will be the ones to enjoy it the most. The fact that it is the woman who marks the pace and amount of penetration, will also help intensify her pleasure too.


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Kamasutra Sex positions: The Hammock