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Sex Position: Helicopter

Sex Position: Helicopter

Are you looking to spice up your sex life with a fun new sex position, if so, this article is for you! Have you heard about the helicopter sex position? This sex position, although extremely difficult, is definitely a great way of testing out a sex position which could result in both a deeper and fuller climax.

Alright, we cannot leave out the fact that this is one of the most difficult sex positions from the Kamasutra, but why not give it a try? If this position is too difficult for you, we’ve included some easier variations of this sex position into this list. So, for more about our step by step of how to do the spinning helicopter sex position, keep reading here at OneHOWTO!

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Helicopter sex position

Do you want to try something daring and exciting the next time you have sex with your partner? If so, this position is for you! The spinning helicopter sex position, as we’ve already mentioned, is one of the most complicated kamasutra sex positions. However, despite its difficulty, mastering such a position will bring you and your partner closer, generating new and enjoyable sensations that are sure to generate a surplus of excitement if it is carried out correctly. It’s important to know that this sex position requires a certain physicality and strength from the woman.

Helicopter sex position: how to do it?

Follow our step by step and master this sex position:

  1. The man should lie down flat, face-up, maintaining a flat back on the mattress with his legs fully stretched-out.
  2. The woman will sit on his penis and initiate penetration.
  3. And this is when things get complicated! The woman, using the penis as a central axis and with the help of her partner’s hands and heels, will start circling at 360º with her entire body while maintaining penetration.

In this sex position, it is the woman who will maintain pace, speed, intensity and penetration. While turning, we recommend that she stops from time to time when she feels extreme pleasure, still moving in circles with her pelvis. This will not only tingle and excite her clitoris, but it will also excite the penis which is always placed deep inside of the vagina. Not only will both partners involved enjoy the given sensations of deep penetration, but the man will also be able to also visually enjoy the movement of the woman’s body. For accelerated sensation, he can also use his free hands to caress her legs, hips, buttocks and clitoris.

For more, we recommend reading how to stimulate the clitoris.

Sex Position: Helicopter - Helicopter sex position

Helicopter sex position: varian

If you’ve already mastered this sex position and are looking for new ways to innovate intimacy and increase passion, we recommend trying this variant of the helicopter sex position. In this position, it is the man who will control both movement and rate of penetration.

In order to enjoy this sex position to the fullest, the man should be in good physical condition. But why? This is because this sex position requires the man to support his partner’s weight with his arms. Flexibility and strength are also required from the female so that she is able to maintain an upright and stable position throughout the coitus.

Helicopter sex position: variation

  1. The woman will lie down flat on her stomach at the edge of the bed, spreading her thighs open.
  2. The man will approach from behind, lifting her legs up the height of his belt, holding them there.
  3. The woman will then stretch her arms back until she can hold her partner's arms, to help lift herself up.
  4. In this way, when the man lifts his partner off the bed, he can penetrate and direct his movements at his own pace. If this is too difficult, you can use the bed for support.

It is imperative that the woman keeps her back straight and rigid during penetration to avoid getting hurt. As we’ve mentioned before this is a very difficult and complicated sex position. Trying out these such positions is all about exploring and freeing yourself within the waltz of sexual discovery.

If this position is too difficult, don’t worry! We have some alternatives for you. Keep reading our article where we list the best sex positions from behind.

Sex Position: Helicopter - Helicopter sex position: varian

Helicopter sex position: Kamasutra

Looking for more fun and interesting sex positions to spice up your sex life? If so, try these (see pictures below):

1. Sex position: windmill:

The girl should lie on her back resting on her forearms, keeping her legs slightly bent. The man will then lie on top of her, face-down, facing in the other direction, his legs resting on either side of her shoulders. He will then enter he from this position and she can hook her legs around his hips. In this position the man will initiate penetration and direct the movements. During penetration, the clitoris and vaginal lips are in direct contact with the man’s genitals making sure that both involved are guaranteed incredible orgasms!

2. Sex position: the catapult

The woman will lie on her back placing one of her legs on her partner’s torso, pressing her heel on his shoulder. She can use the other leg to wrap around he partner's hips. In order to initiate penetration, the man must be on his knees facing the woman, holding her hips. The friction offered by this position is undeniably enjoyable sure to result in amazing climaxes for both!

3. sex position: the trapeze

The man will sit on his bum with his legs straight out and the woman will sit on his penis. Next, she will stretch backwards slowly while her partner supports her by her wrists. Both partners involved can initiate hip movement, allowing for deeper penetration and clitoral stimulation. For more about this fun sex position, we recommend reading our article where we discuss everything you need to know about the sex position trapeze.

Sex Position: Helicopter - Helicopter sex position: Kamasutra

BEST sex positions

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