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The most Popular Anal Sex Toys

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. July 3, 2017
The most Popular Anal Sex Toys
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Even today, for many people anal sex is taboo, either from fear or ignorance many couples are limiting themselves and have not had this experience. But others practice it frequently, making the most out of the pleasure from this practice. Beyond penetration, anal sex has other possibilities, such as the use of sex toys that helps expand the area or give each encounter new experiences. At oneHOWTO we give you a list of the most popular anal sex toys there are.

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  1. Anal dildos
  2. Anal beads
  3. Butt plugs
  4. Prostate massager
  5. Hygiene

Anal dildos

For those who enjoy the pleasure of anal sex, this type of sex toy has become a great option. Anal dildos are one of the most used anal sex toys as they are one of the most versatile. They can be used alone, in order to add anal stimulation to masturbation, or with a partner if you want to experiment with double penetration.Even heterosexual men can use it while penetrating vaginally, whilst the dildo can be used anally.

What makes them different from vaginal dildos is the thickness and length, as these are designed specifically for the anal area.

There are different types of anal dildos that have different features and functions:

  • Glass anal dildo: The best thing about this glass anal toy is that they are temperature responsive, which means that it can open a world of new and exciting sensations. Moreover, they are more soft during penetration and will feel smoother. You can use them as many times as you want to and they are easily cleaned. They are generally shorter in size, because, as they are rigid, they don't leave much room for movement and are completely rigid.
  • Double ended dildos: These usually have two ends to it and are longer than regular dildos. They are perfect for those couples who both enjoy anal sex, and are perfect to share the pleasure.
  • Jelly anal dildo: This sex toy is perfect for anal sex beginners, as they are made of silicone jelly and are perfectly flexible, making your firs experiences more pleasurable and comfortable.
  • Vibrating anal dildo: They come in all shapes and materials, and add some extra stimulation while you choose the type of dildo that suits you best.

Anal beads

Their shape is reminiscent of vaginal Ben Wa balls, however anal beads, like the rest of these toys, have been specially designed for anal pleasure. They are ideal for people who have never experienced this type of sexual encounter because they have small balls that increase in size that are progressively inserted into the anus. They are ideal to expand and excite before anal sex.

The most Popular Anal Sex Toys - Anal beads
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Butt plugs

This is the perfect sex toy for beginners in anal sex who fear pain during penetration. Butt plugs serve to help anal dilation, paving the way to experiencing the enjoyment provided by this practice. More timid people can use them several times before deciding to try anal sex. There are also larger varieties for those who are already veterans in this kind of encounter and others that include a vibrator mode to stimulate yous sphincter further.

The most Popular Anal Sex Toys - Butt plugs
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Prostate massager

We have grouped this sex toy with those used in anal sex because it is used in this type of penetration. Since the prostate can be accessed through the anus, prostate massagers go directly to the point of male pleasure, stimulating it for powerful male orgasms. It's a perfect alternative for men who are unafraid to experiment.

The most Popular Anal Sex Toys - Prostate massager
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Before anal sex and even before experimenting with anal sex toys, hygiene is very important to make this practice even more enjoyable for both. Therefore it is recommended to perform an enema to clean the area and give both added safety.

Remember to thoroughly clean your sex toys afterward to be able to use them safely next time. Enjoy all the benefits of anal sex toys and live the experience to the fullest.

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The most Popular Anal Sex Toys