What are Pisces like in Love

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By Mary Smith. Updated: January 9, 2018
What are Pisces like in Love

In love, Pisces are usually very romantic, sentimental and idealistic people. They are greatly attracted to married life, being seduced and need their partner provide them primarily with, protection and great affection and love. Those born under this Zodiac sign also highlight the need to be permanently wrapped in an aura of mystery and fantasy, they do not like to guess what will happen or people who tell you everything. Want to know more details about this zodiac sign on an emotional level? Read on and see how Pisces are in love and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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  1. Pisces' idea of love
  2. Highly generous in relationships
  3. Pisces and emotions

Pisces' idea of love

Pisces are hopeless romantics, they believe blindly in love and loving long-term relationships. They love to fall in love and when they are, they feel happy and very positive throughout the day. This attitude is the same as that which can lead them to over-idealize their partner and easily become a victim of love relationships, which may leave many injured or damaged by unrequited love.

Highly generous in relationships

One of the most outstanding personality traits is empathy and generosity. They provide it unconditionally without expecting anything in return, they prefer giving to receiving in all areas of their life, which is accentuated in love and relationships. However, Pisces in love also like to feel loved and receive much love and affection from their partner, one thing is no substitute for the other.

Pisces and emotions

Pisces in love are very demanding when it comes to emotions. They will need someone who will support them through all of their emotional issues and confrontations. Therefore, Pisces will value someone who is understanding and will assist Pisces when in need of emotional guidance. This zodiac sign is easily hurt due to their sensitivity, which is why insulting is not the best idea if you want to keep Pisces in a happy and healthy relationship. They will value a sincere apology, although you should know that hurting them will definitely scar them.

How to seduce a pisces

Seducing a Pisces is not very complicated, they value sensitivity and people who strive to show their feelings every day. They feel good with those couples who manage to connect mentally and spiritually, rather than through physical appearance or abilities. In addition, Pisceans love to talk, feel understood and find their best friend in their partner. They are not usually the ones who make the first move, preferring to be cautious, to wait to see the reactions of the other person and progressing slowly and unhurriedly. To seduce a Pisces you will probably have to take the lead. Show your passion for Pisces and they will be yours.

How to love pisces

Pisces in love also need time to feel completely safe and do not stand impatient personalities. They do not want to feel overwhelmed, they seek partners who can understand their emotions and fantasies. Also, if you want to love a Pisces, be as mysterious as possible, surprise them every day managing to escape from routine and, above all, do not offer everything you have in the beginning, keep the excitement and the game of seduction.

Pisces and sexual relationships

Pisces in the sexual area are very emotional and giving. They live each of their intimate moments in a special way and always with great romance. They like to innovate, fantasize and discover new sensations of pleasure and sexual desire with their partner. Therefore, fleeing the routine and striving to make every encounter a unique experience.

What are Pisces like in Love -

Pisces compatibility

Regarding other relationships, they value their ability to take initiative in intimate moments and prefer erotic games and insinuations than more abrupt or explicit things.

Sexually compatible signs with Pisces include Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

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What are Pisces like in Love