What Scorpios are like in love

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 4, 2017
What Scorpios are like in love

Scorpio is a star sign that is strong, exciting and full of character, so winning their heart is not easy. But when a Scorpio is in love they normally act without hesitation, giving everything they have to keep their relationship strong and stable. People born under this star sign have a magnetism that is difficult to ignore, so they always capture everyone's attention. Want to know what Scorpios are like in love? At we will explain in detail.

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To understand Scorpios in love, you need to know what the common characteristics for people born under this sign are. Scorpios are intense and very passionate, sex and seduction are extremely important to them in a relationship. They like to enjoy desire and for them, intimacy is a fundamental aspect of life as a couple.


There is something that sets Scorpio apart from the rest of zodiac signs: they are very demanding people, so seducing a Scorpio is not easy, but once we have their heart they become very faithful people who appreciate and enjoy life as a couple. With them you can enjoy a stable relationship filled with adventure, intensity and passion.


When a Scorpio falls in love, they take it seriously. Their feelings are strong and lasting. People born under this zodiac sign are not passing lovers and if they do engage in a causal relationship, they will make it clear that it is not anything serious.


Scorpios in love adore new experiences, love passionately and enjoy new adventures. With them you can abandon routine, and forget about always doing the same thing over and over again or getting bored easily.


Some Scorpios can take their feelings and passion so seriously that they can become jealous and possessive. In this case, remember that freedom is essential in any relationship. With Scorpios, it is important to define our space to prevent them accidentally invading it.

However they also like to keep their love matters in private, that's why they will not show excessive signs of public affection very often.


You have to avoid being very controlling when you are with a Scorpio because they love their freedom. They usually have good sexual compatibility with other intense signs like them such as Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Pisces, who enjoy sex and passion in the same way.


To have a good relationship with a Scorpio you must be adventurous, passionate, loyal, willing to break out of your routine, be loving and above all very honest, because Scorpios cannot stand lies.

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What Scorpios are like in love