What is Dogging and How To Do It

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is Dogging and How To Do It

Sex is full of possibilities and the arrival of new technologies has only gone and increased these. Now bars and clubs are not the only place to flirt with a stranger. The internet also provides so much more if you want to have sex or practice voyeurism. Have you heard of dogging? What is Dogging you say? At we tell you all about what dogging is and how to do it.

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Steps to follow:

Dogging is having sex with a stranger in public places while others watch the act to some extent. An adrenaline-filled experience which attracts even the most conservative couples.


Swingers also sometimes take part in dogging. They normally also have a set of rules that you must know and respect.


The internet is full of forums and specialist sites where the place, date and time of each meeting is posted. They normally choose places where the chances of an uninvited guest are lower. At the same time, the participants decide to what extent the voyeurs can watch.


Normally the favourite place for dogging is inside a car. Normally, the couple that is dogging makes a fun sexual game out of it, letting the watchers know how to get involved.


External flashing lights indicate to others that there is some action in that car. If the inner light is on, it is an invitation to outsiders to watch what they are doing (something that many people enjoy, watching others have sex).


When the car has windows and doors ajar, it is an invitation for you to approach and touch a little, while a fully open car clearly says: If you want a threesome or orgy - come on in! It is the voyeur who will decide if they take part or pass on the action.


Although, for many, dogging may be a depraved practice, others find it a great way to break the routine. Many couples even pretend not to know each other and sign up to forums to meet and have sex with others watching.


Also, some couples use the anonymity of dogging to satisfy their fantasy of having a threesome or swinging, or simply to be seen by others as they enjoy group sex.


It is important that in addition to using condoms you also inform yourself of the rules of each group and follow the safety recommendations they offer. Remember that sex in public is not legal so following the rules is a priority.


Dogging is a different activity full of adrenaline that can go from innocent if a person only wants to be seen to much more complex when the others are allowed to participate. So there you have it! We hope that we have given a good answer to the question What is Dogging? Let us know if we missed any important details in the comments below!

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What is Dogging and How To Do It
What is Dogging and How To Do It

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