Is It Bad To Masturbate Every Day?

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is It Bad To Masturbate Every Day?

Masturbation has always been considered taboo. It's a practice that has been subjected to many myths and prejudices, especially when it comes to women. A common question that often comes up is to do with how frequently you masturbate, and whether it's bad to masturbate every day. If you want to find out what the experts have to say and enjoy your sexuality without any inhibitions, check out the following OneHowTo article for all the details!

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Is it bad to masturbate every day?

According to the experts, the answer to the question is it bad to masturbate every day is a resounding NO! It's a completely normal sexual behaviour that allows you to get to know the sexual responses of your own body while pleasuring yourself without any risks. It also contributes in a positive way to your relationships with a partner.

Benefits of masturbation

In fact, studies on the subject of masturbation have shown that it provides men and women with a number of benefits that can help improve the health and sex life of both the individual and the couple. Some of these benefits include:

  • Having a detailed understanding of your erogenous zones and the parts of your body that provide the greatest pleasure. It's also a great way to discover what you like and therefore improving your sexual relations with a partner.
  • Discovering what your sexual fantasies are, enabling you to get to know yourself better on a sexual level.
  • Providing a relaxing effect, both physically and emotionally, and helping to release tension.
  • Helping to develop better control of ejaculation.
  • Exercising of the erectile function owing to greater oxygenation of the tissues.

Once you know the benefits, steer clear of any prejudices and myths and consider masturbation as a normal form of self-exploration that allows you to get pleasure from your body and your sexual relationships. At OneHowTo you can see how to enjoy the experience even more:

When should I worry?

Although frequent masturbation is a normal practice in the sexual lives of both men and women, there are cases when it becomes an addiction. In this case, you should seek treatment from a specialist in sexology and from a psychologist in order to overcome this dependency. Signs that indicate an addiction to masturbation include:

  • A constant need to masturbate to such a degree that it interferes with daily life, thus preventing normal daily activities from being carried out.
  • The uncontrollable need to masturbate in inappropriate situations and contexts, such as in public places, at work, in class, in front of others etc.
  • The inability to go for an extended period of time without masturbating.
  • The appearance of lesions in the genital area such as skin irritation, swelling and redness, and aches and pains in the hands and wrists.

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I pass greeting to all co-operators of this website. And I am Sorry about my poor English, I know little of it......:-) anyway, wanna you to ask that I am addicted of doing this...... (the above subject) and after doing it I feel more pain around the waist, downlegs, hands and even my back. So how can I stop totally and gain my normal health. (Free from pain)....I wait feed back soon....:-).... Thankz
Is It Bad To Masturbate Every Day?
Is It Bad To Masturbate Every Day?

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