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What is the Size of a Normal Penis?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 9, 2017
What is the Size of a Normal Penis?
Image: Calvin Klein

Does size matter? This question has been the subject of a huge number of debates, discussions, and controversies. Does penis size affect how much we enjoy sex? Before answering, let´s stop and think. To answer this age-old question, the first thing we need to know is not what a normal penis size is, but rather how to know what is considered "big" "small"? At oneHOWTO, we will answer this question and also clear up a few misconceptions about the "size issue" when it comes to sex.

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  1. It's NOT all about size
  2. Is mine even normal?
  3. How do I measure my penis?
  4. So... does size matter?
  5. Average penis size by country

It's NOT all about size

Despite all the controversies, there is a saying that holds true: it's not the size that matters, but how you use it. A wise and very enlightening piece of advice. But the truth is that the technique is not the only thing that matters when it comes to good sex.

The thickness of the penis is also important for pleasurable intercourse - the thickness generates the friction that eventually causes both the male and female orgasm.

Now that we´ve cleared up that both technique and thickness are important factors that contribute to both male and female pleasure during sex, What about the size?

Is mine even normal?

The size varies by ethnicity, but on average a normal erect penis is between 11 and 15 centimeters long... that is 4½ and 6 inches long, for those of you still using the imperial system. A penis that is less than 11 cm long is considered small. If this is your case you may want to know what are the best sex positions for a small penis.

A penis of more than 15 centimeters (6 inches) in length could be considered large, but a 19 centimeter penis (7½ inches) - which could be called something along the lines of a "super penis" - may look great in porn movies, but in real life would actually be quite problematic for an average woman.

How do I measure my penis?

Many men are curious about the dimensions of their "tool". To find out, you should measure from the base of the penis to the glans or tip. It's very important to do so when the penis is in its erect state - which is ultimately what matters when it comes to sex, right? To find out the thickness, start a little behind the glans and measure around the diameter of the penile shaft.

In our article how to measure a penis correctly, we explain step by step how to do this properly.

What is the Size of a Normal Penis? - How do I measure my penis?
Image: simple.wikipedia.org

So... does size matter?

So to answer this question, let´s get a bit technical. Above is an anatomical image of the female reproductive system. See the entrance of the vagina? The part that is penetrated is actually only 4 inches long. Anything longer than that just stretches the tissue at the end, not creating much friction. Since friction=pleasure, anything longer than that isn´t creating any more pleasure.

So there you have it. Size, at least length, doesn´t matter.

Perhaps the only thing that does limit someone with a short penis is their self-confidence. Also, if you have a shorter penis, you should stick to sex positions that allow for a complete penetration. This is where the "technique" aspect comes into play. In the end, though, especially when it comes to women, it´s the connection between the couple that matters most. A strong connection means an increased willingness to please the other person, and a higher level of trust in the other person and confidence in oneself.

Average penis size by country

Once we you know about the size of a normal penis, we're going to show you the average penis size by country, as it can vary widely and, as you'll see, you'll find some surprises on this list, so pay attention:

Countries with the biggest penis

  • Congo: 17.93 cm
  • Ecuador: 17.77 cm
  • Ghana: 17.31 cm
  • Venezuela and Colombia: 17.03 cm
  • Lebanon: 16.82 cm

Countries with the smallest penis

  • North and South Korea: 9.66 cm
  • Cambodia: 10.04 cm
  • Thailand: 10.16 cm
  • India: 10.24 cm
  • Burma: 10.7 cm

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Guy who shouldn't be here
I'm 14 and I have a normal, Great
George Begashvili
I am from Georgia (Sakartvelo) and my penis size is 21 cm long! It is normal for me! What are you thinking about?
My penis retracts into my scrotum no erections !
Hi, mine's 7.5 inches length with 5.1 inches girth. Is mine big or average, duo my thickness?
I dunno, but it sounds nice *wink*
I come out a little on the short end of the stats physically, but average girth. But I think how you use it is more important than the detailed dimensions. First, get you and your partner in position for the deepest penetration. Then, push it slowly in her all the way. Now you want really deep slow thrusting in her with lots of to and fro. Roll over with her on top and let her move your cock in her to her heart's delight. Sooner or later, she will explode in you with a really wild orgasm, and keep it up until you join in too. What fun!
I'm 17.8 - 20, depending from mood. I'm 36 now, when I was younger I was not able to fit a standard size condom becouse my girth was above 15. Nowadays due to some health related issues I'm much thinner.

And you now what, I was an athlete, handsome, fine dick, and all alone cause I wasn't healthy.

So to all of you out there worrying about size of your package, Im telling you be grateful because you got something much more important, your health.
I am close to 19 centimeter, when I was young my girth was in normal range but as I am growing older it increased and I wear king size four season condom which is more than 64 mm, it is scale, got with condom pack says I have + 16 cm girth. I thing is my partner feels pain and is uncomfortable with it, we are try hard to have better sex as we are amateur. I am curious to know what would be better technique to loosen vagina.
I’m very similar in size to you, about 19cm long and around 15cm girth, and I used to have similar experiences with my partner when we were first starting out our sexual relationship together - very similar to what you described. She has a relatively shallow vagina too, so that made it a bit tricky at first. But, to answer your question, foreplay was 100% the key to making sex easier and smoother, and dodge the discomfort and pain for her. The more aroused she is, the longer and more open her vaginal canal becomes, it expands with arousal, so she can take a larger size and also enjoy it, versus wincing in pain the whole time. I hope that helps, that’s what worked for us, and what’s best about it is, we both got to know each other’s bodies and what drives us sexually a lot more. It’s worth the time and attention it takes to build her up, completely transformed our experience. Good luck and have fun together!
I need a strong and thick erect penis
What is your perfect size for you then?
girth matters more than length. and also personal chemistry. Length can make it easier during the sex so it doesn't slip out and cause some awkward moment of "finding the hole" but other than that.. as long as it reaches the good spot it doesn't matter. if it's as long as some girly fingers is probably good enough .. it's all about technique. =D ..
Doc WildDuck
Well, I'm 19 cm (7.5 inch), and 14,4 cm in circumference (5.7 inch), and that has only be problematic once (out of approximately 25).
Most women say I'm big, but not all. I didn't know until I turned 40, that I'm actually big, but like I said. Never problematic.
Yes, I have to go gentle, and allow a lot of foreplay, but I like gentle sex, and I like the teasing forplay.
I think only one woman said she preferred a big dick and called mine a "nice surprises", but hey, I don't think size matters much as long as you adopt to the situation.
Image: Calvin Klein
Image: simple.wikipedia.org
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What is the Size of a Normal Penis?