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What Are the most Common Penis Shapes

What Are the most Common Penis Shapes

Sexual pleasure comes not only from exploration but also from the adequate stimulation of each erogenous zone on the body. And in the case of guys, penis shape can be very influential when it comes to which sex positions generate greater satisfaction for both parties. It's all about getting the most out of what nature has given you, so in this oneHOWTO article we explain what the most common penis shapes are and how to best enjoy them.

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The pencil penis is possibly the most common shape of penis. The glans is more narrow and pointed, resembling a pencil, while the body is all the same thickness, with a uniform appearance.

This type of penis is great for all sex positions and pleasing to the girl without causing any pain or discomfort in the guy. However if you're into anal sex you have a particular advantage, because being narrower at the tip facilitates penetration and reduces any pain or discomfort for the recipient. Another of the most pleasurable position with the pencil position, also known by some as cucumber or pencil, is the standing doggy style, as this allows pleasurable friction for this type of penis as well as deep penetration which both you and your partner will enjoy.

This type of penis can have different thickness. Depending on the thickness of the penis, there are some recommendations to follow when it comes to pleasure.

Thick penis

You have a straight and thick penis, you may be fearful of hurting your potential partner, which is why you should be weary not to hit the woman's cervix in order to avoid pain. This is why you should be weary and avoid very deep penetration and choose positions in which it's the woman that marks the pace and depth. For more information, take a look at our article on the advantages of a thick penis.

Thin penis

Although having a thin penis may mean that it does not create friction with the vaginal walls, there are still ways to enjoy penetration with this type of penis. Make sure you keep your legs closed in order to improve friction with walls and clitoris. In this sense, positions such as the Surprise or the mirror of pleasure, in which the woman lies facing upwards with her legs together creating a 90 degree angle, while the penis penetrates.

What Are the most Common Penis Shapes - Step 1

Many men are worried that their penis is curved to the right or the left. These are known as curved penises. When it comes to a slight curve there's no big problem, but in very severe cases both man and woman may experience discomfort during intercourse when performing certain positions, due to the inflexibility of such members. However, certain degrees of bent penis could be a symptom of Peyronie's disease, so if you also have problems with erection, notice the size of the penis reduces and you experience pain in the area, we recommend you see a doctor so you can be properly diagnosed.

An interesting advantage however is that thanks to its shape this kind of penis can reach a woman's G-spot during intercourse. So, for this kind of penis, we highly recommend having sex in a position where the penis curves upward, rubbing against her G-spot. Positions like doggy style or reverse cowgirl are perfect for this shape too.

What Are the most Common Penis Shapes - Step 2

Men with a large glans and uniform shaft that is thinner than the tip have what is known as a mushroom penis. The size of the glans makes oral sex a truly enjoyable experience for guys with this type of penis, so this foreplay is the best way to warm up before penetration.

Men with a mushroom penis can enjoy a variety of positions, however caution should be taken during anal penetration, because the size of the glans can be very painful for the recipient. It is recommended for the woman to be on top so that she can regulate the level of penetration during intercourse.

What Are the most Common Penis Shapes - Step 3

The cone penis, also known as rocket penis, is thin at the glans and with a shaft that gets progressively thicker, is a very flexible kind of phallus that allows you to enjoy all sorts of sex positions. However there is one that is particularly well suited: anal, as being thinner at the tip with increasing thickness as you penetrate deeper, this penis has the same effect as a butt plug, making penetration very pleasant.

The positions that involve deep penetration are also recommended as long as the body of the penis is not too thick - if this is the case then you must go at a slower pace to avoid hurting your partner. For a higher degree of satisfaction, women can practice Kegel exercises in order to master her vaginal muscles contraction, which will give more pleasure during penetration.

What Are the most Common Penis Shapes - Step 4

The banana penis is a flexible member which is very pleasing during penetration. This is one of the most common shapes. The glans and the base are the same thickness, but the shaft is thicker in the middle, creating a lot of pleasure during penetration. It is suitable for all sex positions and also generates a lot of pleasure during oral sex.

Remember that great sex often starts with foreplay! Find out the best games for foreplay at oneHOWTO.

What Are the most Common Penis Shapes - Step 5

Smaller penis shapes

If you have a smaller than average penis, you will have noticed that none of the above depict the shape of your penis. We can find two different types of shapes that women can enjoy if you find the right position for a small penis.

The thick and short

Thick and short penis are often not straight even when erect. This is why it's important for the woman to lift her pelvis in order to allow deeper penetration. However, the thickness is also an advantage, as it will also pleasure the woman's vaginal walls during penetration. One of the best positions for this penis shape is spooning or the down dog.

The thin and short

We're not talking about micropenis, which is a condition normal size penis

at is rarely diagnosed. We are talking about a below-average sized penis that is also pretty thin. In this case, we advise you to use the reverse cowgirl position and to begin the session with a good amount of foreplay so you are both satisfied with the sexual encounter.

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  • No matter the shape or size of your penis you should learn to work around the best ways to enjoy sex with your partner.
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The head of my penis is so large it intimates women and they don’t want to touch it or me. I have a difficult time dating
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How to tell him it's so small.
Magnum, BI
I would say it's ok to be honest. Do not take this the wrong way, and I have no clue what your appearance is... but I'm not real attracted to larger girls and I try to find diplomatic ways to say it. Honest feedback is important for people to be able to take... I've managed to handle being told "I only like girls", "I usually like tall thin dudes", "I'm normally only into football players".... it's a thing (literally) and it affects your preference, why not be real. But nice, too.
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Epstein had an egg shaped penis. I'm having problems picturing that in my mind. It raises a lot of questions. Does that mean it was shaped just like a chicken egg, kind short & oval, or was the end of it egg shaped or possibly somewhere along the shaft. This certainly merits more research as this may not be a human shaped penis at all.
He who knows
Egg would be an extreme variation of the cone/rocket shape with a really wide base tapering evenly to a rounded point at the glans. A rounded base probably means he wore a cock ring regularly or he had surgery to increase his girth.
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picture an easter egg. Now imagine it's pink and wrinkly. Done.

I have kind of one of those desktop perpetual motion ball set shaped dongs.
The information contained in this article is really inaccurate
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Hi Jane,

Can you be specific as to what information you believe to be inaccurate? We will be happy to research further if needs be!
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For one. This statement: "If you have a smaller than average penis, you will have noticed that none of the above depict the shape of your penis," is really inaccurate. Penis shape may often correlate with size in your research, but not enough to make such a broad generalization definitively and directly associating the two. In fact it is a little insulting and insensitive. Men can have a combination of the above types WITHOUT being relegated to your "Small Penis Shapes."
does it means that a curved penis has a good advantage?
of course, if it is pointed upward then hitting the G-Spot is best during missionary if downwards then hitting the G-Spot is a peace of cake while having doggystyle sex
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Depends - on the nature of the curve, and the deployment, and the preferences of the partner. I would say this, if it's helpful: I was VERY shy about a slight curve, and (I thought) my overall penis aesthetics.... as an uncut american guy. Anyway I've never actually heard anything but compliments, if anything at all, about matters that once kept me up at night.... not having fun.
It does, the women love it! You don't need a big penis to hit the clitoris. Look at the toys, many are curved for women.
i have a mushroom type penis. I enjoy it
Mine is mushroom head right curved penis so can I have good sex in all sex positions or any specific position to touch g-spot
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What Are the most Common Penis Shapes