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How to Measure Your Penis Correctly

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 27, 2017
How to Measure Your Penis Correctly
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Whether you identify as male or not, opening up your junk email folder will have the usual spam contenders. A sizeable amount of these emails are for pills or processes on how to increase size and/or performance of your penis. Like most spam it is designed to prey on insecurities (not enough length/attractiveness/money/protection, etc.). It can make those with normal sized penises feel inadequate, but the truth is far from it. We at oneHOWTO show you how to measure you penis correctly. We do so that you can get an idea of how your penis fits into the world average. Whether big, small or anything in between, size is only part of it. Being confident and making your penis work for you is more important.

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Steps to follow:


Part of the reason so many men are obsessed with the size of their penis is the amount of misinformation out there. While watching porn can be a part of a healthy sex life, mistaking fantasy for reality can have a detrimental effect on it. When all you watch are videos of people with big penises, it can lead to the impression that you are not meeting up to the standard. In turn it can lead to feelings of inadequacy.

But the size of your penis is personal. Even if you have a micro-penis, you can still find ways to be fulfilled sexually and to fulfil others. This is because, although size has a bearing on the practicalities, it is only one part of the wonderful spectrum of human sexuality which can be enjoyed. If you believe this way of thinking to be inaccurate, it's possible you are letting hang ups get in the way of enjoying yourself.

So, why do you want to know about measuring your penis correctly? To be honest, there aren't many reasons why you would need to. If it functions and is healthy, then size isn't too important.

However, one reason you may want to measure your penis correctly is to find the right condom size for you. If you find that condoms are not staying on your erect penis, then perhaps you have the wrong kind for your fella.

The main reason people for people interested in measuring their penis correctly is curiosity. They want to know how they fit in and if their length and girth might affect the possibility of getting a partner. While we are unabashedly encouraging you to know that size doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, we can't ignore the fact there is a certain social stigma linked to small penises. It isn't always an easy thing to qualify when so many people make a big deal of it. This is why measuring your penis correctly can allow you the chance to either allay your fears or find out what to do next.

How to Measure Your Penis Correctly - Step 1

If you didn't know already, there are different ways of measuring your penis. The main two are as follows:

  • Bone-pressed flaccid length (BPFL)
  • Bone-pressed erect length (BPEL)

Bone-pressed means you push the part of skin, fat and pubic hair against the pubic bone. This is more easily done with a straight ruler so that you can use the ruler itself to measure from the actual base of the shaft. The amount of fat in your BMI and even the amount of hair can have a bearing on the exposed length of your penis.

If you don't press down on the pelvis, then you are measuring it in the "non-bone pressed way". Because of the variables of hair and fat, this is not a way to measure your penis correctly. The results need to take into consideration these variables, so pressing on the pubic bone is best.

Another way of measuring the size of your penis is:

  • Bone-pressed flaccid stretched length (BPFSL)

This involves stretching our your penis and measuring base to tip. However, stretching out your penis to measure it will not give you an accurate size guide. This can be further complicated by whether or not you have a foreskin. The size of your foreskin will not necessarily affect your sexual performance, so it is another unreliable variable.

Another mistake people make seems silly, but genuinely happens. Some measure their penis size by measuring from the base of their scrotum to the tip of their glans penis (the bulbous end of a penis). This is not the correct way to measure your penis and is one reason why many people spread false information about theirs.

The best way to measure your penis is when you are fully aroused. A full erection will give you the best measurement as, in terms of sexual performance, this is when it is most effective. We suppose it's analogous to measuring the speed of a car. You wouldn't do it while it is stationary.

How to Measure Your Penis Correctly - Step 2

Measuring your penis correctly

The first thing you need is the right utensils. We have already stated that a straight ruler is the best way to measure in the bone-pressed method. However, this is only when measuring length. To measure the girth of your penis correctly, you will need a measuring tape. This is so that it can wrap around your penis and provide accurate measurement.

  • Achieve an erection. Some people are growers, not showers. Getting an erection will allow you to measure the actual length of your penis. If you have trouble getting an erection, you can watch some pornography. Better yet, if you are comfortable with it, get a sexual partner to help. This way you can enjoy some applied mathematics afterwards.
  • Take the straight ruler and hold it at the base of your erection. Push the ruler against your skin so that it is as close to the pelvis without hurting. If you feel it hurting, you are pushing too hard.
  • The length of a penis is measured from the base of the penis to the tip of the glans penis. Look at the measurement indicators and note where the tip is along the edge. This is how you measure your penis correctly, but whether or not you use the metric system is up to you.
How to Measure Your Penis Correctly - Step 3
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Many want to know how to determine the thickness or girth of their penis. This way they can know if they have a thick or thin penis. The word "chode" is used for a penis which is thicker than it is long. It is also not something that occurs very often, if ever. The girth of your penis can affect sexual satisfaction, but, again, it is only part of it.

When measuring the girth of your penis correctly, you want to maintain the erection. The glans penis (sometimes known as the bell end) will usually be thicker than the rest of the penis thanks to the ridges on its side. However, this is not the part we should measure for thickness. Instead, measure the area around the base of the penis as this is likely to be the widest part.

Measuring the diameter of your penis

Similar to how you would measure a shirt cuff, hold one end of the measuring tape on the skin of the penis and wrap it around. Where the measuring tape meets is the length of the circumference of your penis.

To work out the diameter, take the circumference of your penis and divide it by pi (π). This is roughly 3.142, but can be found on all scientific calculators.

This will give you a rough estimate of your penis girth as it is possible for your penis to have different girths at different parts of the shaft. If part of your shaft is noticeably thicker at any point, measure this part.

How to Measure Your Penis Correctly - Step 4
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Now that you have measured your penis, you will know if it is big, small or average. If you are concerned about how this size might affect your sex life, take a look at one of the following articles:

If you have an average size penis (which is most likely), then perhaps issues with your sex life can be helped by understanding common sexual fears among men.

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How to Measure Your Penis Correctly