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What Purpose does Anus Hair Serve?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 23, 2017
What Purpose does Anus Hair Serve?

Humans have hair all around the body that serve different purposes. The hair on our head is said to offer heat insulation and cooling properties; as well as protection from ultra-violet rays. The hair on our eyebrows and eyelashes is argued to prevent dust and particles from entering into our eyes. However, little is known about what purpose does anus hair serve. Many men and women decide to get rid of the hair on the body including their arms, legs and even genitals often forgetting about the anus hair.

In this OneHowTo article we explain: what purpose does anus hair serve?

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  1. Evolution delay
  2. Sense of smell power
  3. Protection from infections

Evolution delay

For believers of the evolution theory, humans have evolved from animals and thus come from other primates. However, we don’t walk on four feet anymore and we surely have developed superior cognitive abilities, meaning that our bodies have changed to adapt to our environment.

We still have hair across our body but not in the same quantities as other animals. The fact that we wear jackets and sweaters when we are cold means that we don’t need much hair to keep us warm. When it comes to anus hair, it may be that evolution has not caught up there yet and that it may take some time for humans to stop growing anus hair.

What Purpose does Anus Hair Serve? - Evolution delay

Sense of smell power

Have you ever wondered why dogs smell other dogs’ butts? The reason is that scent communication tends to be used by animals when looking for a mate. Hair under our armpits and around our genitals will impregnate with sweat and fluids, which in turn favors bacteria reproduction. For that reason, shaving or waxing can sometimes help with strong smells and better cleaning of the anus.

While people tend to use perfumes nowadays it is often underestimated the power of personal smell for attraction and seduction. Maybe not as much as dogs, humans still use the sense of smell to find an ideal partner. It may be that during sexual intercourse anus air can help spread body odor contributing to overall arousal.

What Purpose does Anus Hair Serve? - Sense of smell power

Protection from infections

If you are someone that tends to shave or trim body hair parts, you may have noticed how the area may become more irritated, turn red and even inflamed. Hair provides a protective layer that helps with friction in order to prevent chaffing. Similarly to armpit hair, having hair around your anus can prevent rashes and bruises.

Additionally, despite the fact that we wear clothes, our ancestors would have had to sit with their bare butt out on different surfaces, which may have risked the development of infections from bruises or cuts. Anus hair may have existed as a protective barrier that many years later our body still seems to believe that is a needed use for anus hair.

It is still unclear the purpose of anus hair and thus people have taken sides over whether there is an argument in removing anus hair. If you already shave or trim your genitals, opinions say that going all around up to your anus will not make that much of a difference.

What Purpose does Anus Hair Serve? - Protection from infections

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What Purpose does Anus Hair Serve?