Why Does my Stomach Hurt During Intercourse? All Possible Reasons

By Mary Smith. Updated: November 14, 2018
Why Does my Stomach Hurt During Intercourse? All Possible Reasons

Many women experience some discomfort when having sex. These pains can occur during penetration or after having sexual encounters. This condition is known by the medical term dyspareunia. It is a very common situation among women and the reason for its occurrence can vary highly: from infections, to internal wounds, having very hard sex or, even, psychological factors that end up producing an occlusion of the vaginal walls. In this oneHOWTO article, we going to answer your question "why does my stomach hurt during intercourse?" There are many reasons that can cause this situation and if it is quite frequent you should go to a gynecologist to get a proper examination so that he or she can understand what the origin and appropriate treatment should be.

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Dyspareunia or pain when having sexual relationships

Dyspareunia is a female condition that is characterized by the appearance of pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse or moments after having them. There are different types that differ according to the moment in which the pain is experienced:

  • Intrusion: is when the pain appears just at the time when the penis tries to enter the vaginal canal.
  • Of presence: the discomforts appear during penetration, when the erectile member is already inside the woman's body.
  • Shock: also known as "ballistic" or "deep" and is the pain that a woman can feel when the man is pressing at the end of the canal.

The reason why these discomforts can appear can be very varied since depending on each person in question, the origin of the ailment can be physical or mental, which is precisely why it is important for a specialist to thus review and discover the exact cause.

In any case, oneHOWTO will now proceed to list the most common causes why your stomach hurts during intercourse, so that you can know what may be the factor that is causing this discomfort.

Why Does my Stomach Hurt During Intercourse? All Possible Reasons - Dyspareunia or pain when having sexual relationships

Causes for pain in the stomach

Among all the causes that can cause pain in the stomach during intercourse, we will highlight the most frequent ones, but in any case, we insist on what is strictly necessary which is to consult with an expert doctor who will help you determine the origin of your ailment and therefore be able to treat it in an appropriate way.

Cervix infection

Cervicitis is an infectious disease that appears in the cervix and can cause pain when having sex. The pain can appear both during the act and just after and among its symptoms we highlight an altered vaginal discharge (smelling, thicker, of a different color, etc.) to the possibility of even a little bleeding after sex.

Lack of vaginal lubrication

It is also possible for pain during penetration to occur because the woman is not lubricating enough and, therefore, the friction with the penis causes some discomfort. Remember that in order to enjoy sex to the fullest it is necessary for the woman to be lubricated because this fluid is necessary for the vagina to expand and be able to receive the member.

Lack of flow can occur because you are not excited enough but it can also occur in stages such as pre-menopause or menopause when estrogen levels drop considerably. Take a look at our article on how to combat vaginal dryness for more information on the subject.

An aggressive intercourse

Pain in the area of ​​the belly or lower abdomen can also appear when the sexual relationship has been more abrupt than usual. There are couples who like more extreme practices and, therefore, can have strong penetrations that, later, cause pain to the woman. This type of sexual practice can also lead to irritation, burning or bleeding.

Internal injuries

Another reason why your belly hurts when you have sex is that you have some injury, irritation or trauma inside the vaginal canal and, therefore, when having sex, friction awakens this injury and makes you feel discomfort.

Problems with the contraceptive method

Another reason may be that the pains during intercourse appear due to an allergic reaction to latex or the spermicide contained in condoms. If you are currently wearing a diaphragm, it is also possible that you do not have it properly placed and that, therefore, this is what is causing your discomfort.


Among the psychological conditions we'd like to highlight vaginismus, a condition that causes the woman to have involuntary spasms inside the vagina that close or prevent the entry of the penis. Among the symptoms of this condition, we can also detect itching or irritation during coitus, spasms in the lumbar region or anxiety.

Vaginal prolapse repair

Vaginal prolapse is a condition that either the bowel, uterus and/or bowel may protrude into the vaginal. One of the possible side effects of vaginal prolapse repair[1] is pain during sex as well as wound granulation and erosions. Therefore, if you have undergone prolapse repair with graft materials, this may be the cause.

Why Does my Stomach Hurt During Intercourse? All Possible Reasons - Causes for pain in the stomach

Going to a doctor

As you have just seen, dyspareunia can occur due to multiple factors that involve bacteria, STDs or even psychological factors that prevent the correct entry of the penis. To be able to solve this situation it is essential to go to a specialist so that he can treat your ailment and, thus, allow you to fully enjoy a satisfactory sexual life again.

You should know that if the pains are usually concentrated in the final part of the vagina, you may be suffering from other conditions that only a gynecologist can discover after performing the necessary exams. You may have a uterine prolapse, cystitis or endometriosis, it is also possible for you have an infection in the fallopian tubes or the cervix and, therefore, you only feel the pain when the penis hits the end of the vagina.

Do not forget that emotions are closely linked to sexual life and, for this reason, it may be that unconsciously you close the vaginal walls, thus producing this pain when you have sex. Insecurity, lack of self-esteem or fear of intimacy can alter the disposition of your body and muscles making penetration not so easy and, therefore, can cause pain.

It is also common for people who have experienced sexual abuse to suffer dyspareunia[2], to treat this situation will be necessary psychological help from a professional to help you overcome the trauma and return to recover your sex life.

Why Does my Stomach Hurt During Intercourse? All Possible Reasons - Going to a doctor

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Why Does my Stomach Hurt During Intercourse? All Possible Reasons
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Why Does my Stomach Hurt During Intercourse? All Possible Reasons

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