Why Am I Attracted to Unavailable Guys

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: February 5, 2019
Why Am I Attracted to Unavailable Guys

When you start a relationship, you want it to reach success and end in a happy marriage. Most women have this prospect in mind while choosing a guy. But some women always make a mistake of feeling attracted towards an unavailable guy. A man may be unavailable because he is already married, in a relationship, is too young to commit or just afraid of committing to a relationship. If you are confused and asking yourself: why am I attracted to unavailable guys? Then this oneHOWTO may try to help you out.

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What does an unavailable guy look like?

You may find a guy cute with blue eyes and blonde hair, but he may be nice to you at times, and sometimes act as if he does not even know you. He may send you romantic texts, but never ask you out. They may date you almost every day for a month, and then disappear all of a sudden. You may date him passionately for an entire year, but he never bothered to celebrate your birthday or Valentine’s Day. He may always want to sit next to you, but never ask your number or address. An unavailable guy is the one who intrigues you and always leaves you wanting for more. What may draw you towards an unavailable guy is that you can never guess what he is thinking. You can’t understand his facial expressions, and earning him would be like solving a puzzle for you.

Reasons why you may be attracted to unavailable guys

  • You may have self-esteem issues. Most women who always fall for unavailable guys are usually found to have self-esteem and insecurity issues. They want to prove something to themselves and to others, and their victory lies in winning the heart of an unavailable man. This mostly happens to women who have had lots of heart-breaks in the past, and they now want to prove their worth by winning an unavailable man.
  • You may have a secret mission to reform unavailable men. Maybe some men have deserted you in the past, or you you must have seen some men having a bad attitude towards women. With an aim to reform such men, you may decide to woo them and reform them in the end. With time, it becomes your natural attitude to flirt with unavailable men and make them love you. Your ultimate aim is to change such unavailable men and make them respect the wishes of a woman. But unfortunately, this does not happen most of the times.
  • You may be in love with mystery. Because you cannot access an unavailable man and you can’t understand his attitude and behavior, you find him mysterious and you naturally feel attracted towards him. It is human nature to fantasize things that you cannot achieve, and to feel attracted towards things that he cannot access. If a child is asked not to touch a closed box, he will definitely keep thinking about it and try to open it for sure. The same applies to adults as well.
  • You yourself do not want to commit to a relationship. One reason why you may be attracted towards unavailable guys is because they will never ask you for commitment. They will never nag for you and never run after you. They will leave you the moment you want to quit. So, you are under control of this kind of relationship. For instance, if you are in a relationship with a married man, he will never ask you to marry him, and leaving him will be easier for you.
Why Am I Attracted to Unavailable Guys - Reasons why you may be attracted to unavailable guys

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Why Am I Attracted to Unavailable Guys
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Why Am I Attracted to Unavailable Guys

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