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How to Know a Guy Is a Fuckboy

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 13, 2020
How to Know a Guy Is a Fuckboy

Also spelt f*ckboy, f*ckboi or f*ccboi, this word essentially describes the millennial counterpart of the 90's player. If a boy is being disrespectful towards you, is only using you for sex and suspect he has several love interests, then you may be in front of a f*ckboy. If you're not sure if the guy you're dating falls into this category of males, take a look at this oneHOWTO article so you can discover how to know a guy is a fuckboy.

  1. What is a fuckboy?
  2. How to identify a fuckboy
  3. What to do if you're dating a fuckboy
  4. How to make a player fall in love with you

What is a fuckboy?

As we've commented briefly on our introduction, fuckboy is slang for a guy that doesn't respect women but relies on them heavily, especially on a sexual level. A fuckboy is the classic player, who lives for the thrill of having uncountable women in his radar and takes pride in his conquests with his friends. A fuckboy is a person who is unable to commit to a serious relationship, as he generally doesn't regard women as his equals. Obviously, with this description, not many women would want to fall prey to such species, this is why oneHOWTO would like to give you some clues and tips so you can know if a guy is a fuckboy and take a decision on your relationship with this person.

How to identify a fuckboy

There is not a specific pattern, behavior or aesthetics to a fuckboy. However, we can safely say that, if your guy gathers most of the characteristics mentioned below, your suspicions are true. Here's how to know if a guy is a fuckboy:

Relationship with his bros

Yes, he calls his friends bros and they are basically clones of your guy. They act as if they were permanently in a frat house and follow a bro-code. You will notice they all fit the same pattern and description, with no real interest, hobby or differential trait from one another.

Pictures galore

The fuckboy uses pictures and social media in two different ways: to flaunt himself and to get pictures of you. Firstly, he's absolutely addicted to social media, he loves showing his abs off with that perfect selfie without a shirt, so that everybody can take a great look at his abs. Snapchat, Instagram stories and other social media apps are full of his selfies. He may also send you pictures of his parts through DM or private chat, hoping you'll be dying for him.

On the other hand he will also ask you for nude pictures, he may even prefer a picture of you than to actually make plans to physically see you. The fuckboy will thrive on having a stock of images of all the girls that have fallen under his spell.

The Netflix & chill move

When you want to meet with him, he will never make plans to go out for dinner, he will always meet you at nightfall and the only plan that he seems OK with is a session of Netflix and chill. He will not want to be seen with you outdoors under any circumstances and all of your encounters will end with sex. He may even get annoyed if you don't feel like it too, and will simply justify your actions by saying its "because you have your period".

Being vague about your next meeting

He will hardly ever say when your next meeting is going to be, saying that he'll see you around or that you'll keep in touch. He will thrive on being desired, which is why you will have to set a time and date for your next rendezvous, as this will boost his ego.

How to Know a Guy Is a Fuckboy - How to identify a fuckboy

Conception of the women in his life

When he talks about past relationships, he will state that they are all mad. He will have a conception of women as being erratic and unpredictable. He may even talk ill about other women in his life such as his mother. If he doesn't respect women or has nothing nice to say about them, you may be in front of a real fuckboy and a person who doesn't deserve women's attention.

Benching & occasional ghosting

Your guy will probably keep you hooked by occasionally texting you but never make actual plans to meet you. This tactic is known as benching, as he's only making sure you're still taking notice of him and has you at his beck and call.

Moreover, he may also play the ghosting card for a while. He may disappear with no sign for days on end, only to re-appear stating he needed some me-time or had to attend to some unspecified business.

Comments on your body

Your body is the only part of you he will ever be interested in. Therefore, different remarks on your whole body or specific parts of it will be common. To him you are just a number out of a scale of ten, and he may remind you of that. He may even have a nickname for your intimate parts on the first of your encounters and will refer to your body or body parts as if they were his property.

Life ambitions

He may have created a playbook, have a list of all his conquests and be the drinking champ at the bar, but his future plans do not go beyond next week. Although he may talk and fantasize about being rich, he doesn't have a plan for the future and has no vision of what his life will be like in the next years.

He is self-centered

Have you noticed the topics you talk about when you're together? They probably all revolve around him. A fuckboy is self-centered and only thinks about number one. Even if you're trying to explain something that has happened to you, he will quickly cut you off by explaining a similar situation that happened to him or completely change the course of the conversation so it veers back to him.

How to Know a Guy Is a Fuckboy -

What to do if you're dating a fuckboy

If you've noticed these signs, then he is definitely a fuckboy and may have other girls around him (the exact amount may be impossible to find out). Although the temptation to get your back on him or hate him forever is high, it is best if you play it in your advantage.

Don't be spiteful and try to be more intelligent than he is, start playing the same game he is playing on you, ghost him, completely ignore him, but never shame him or let other girls know that he's been dating other people, each person needs to find out by themselves, it is their life, not yours.

On the other hand, you may still feel attracted to the guy and may want to change him and make him fall in love with you. Although the decision is entirely up to you, you should know that changing people is very difficult, and the person who should want to change is the fuckboy himself so , if you do want to go ahead and try to have a relationship, you should assume that he may not ever change, and should learn to live with the way he is.

The most important thing to remember is that you should respect yourself above all. Once you are clear on that, you'll be able to meditate your decision.

How to Know a Guy Is a Fuckboy - What to do if you're dating a fuckboy

How to make a player fall in love with you

Are you sure you want to make a player fall in love with you? Although you may have fallen for him, think about the specific characteristics you like about him, if he makes you feel happy and you see a life with him. If you are still determined to make him fall in love with you, here are some useful tips to charm a fuckboy (not change him):

  • Play his game, make sure he's never a priority, so act aloof and always postpone your encounters. He should know that you don't need him at all.
  • Make sure you are in control, let him know you only agree to seeing each other if he respects a set of rules that you decide.
  • Do not ask him about future plans or if he is in love or wants to get serious, he should be the one to take this step in this case.
  • Be clever, break down his walls by helping him tell you his deepest fears, let him show you his weak points, listen and make sure he knows you're the only one who understands him.
  • Be chill in all situations, don't overreact or create drama in a relationship. Fuckboys will turn into stayers if they think the ride will be smooth and fuss-free.

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How to Know a Guy Is a Fuckboy