How to Avoid being Friend-Zoned by a Guy

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: February 21, 2019
How to Avoid being Friend-Zoned by a Guy

If you find yourself attracted to a guy, you might hope that this other person shares your same feelings. However, while both of you may be interested in building a new relationship that lasts, you might want romance and he might only want a friendship. The “friend zone” is that uncomfortable situation where the romantic feelings of one person are not reciprocated. You may enter the “friend zone” when after years of friendship your feelings start to change or it may be that perhaps you never opened up to share how you really feel.

In this oneHOWTO article we explain how to avoid being friend-zoned by a guy.

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Don’t look for commonalities

People erroneously believe that their significant other must share some things in common. For instance, when two people find they share the same hobbies or that they like the same type of food, they might think they found their perfect match. However, generally people become friends because they enjoy doing the same things or because they have the same interests. Finding things in common may actually work against you and set you in the friend zone.

Couples tend to complement each other. This means that one person’s weaknesses are helped by another person’s strengths. When looking for a partner try and look for someone who can bring something new to the equation. You may realize that all your differences are what keeps the flame alive.

Work on your seductive cues

One of the strongest factors that sparks a love interest is attraction. Attraction is difficult to explain because it is a highly subjective feeling that encompasses physical and psychological elements. It is a seduction game that may start by applying some makeup, dressing up elegantly and then testing on some flirting tactics. Take a look on how to seduce your best friend for more details.

When you have known someone for a long time, you may start to forget about how important it is to work on your sex appeal and confidence. Try to imagine what would you say and how would you present yourself to this person if you wanted to attract his attention.

How to Avoid being Friend-Zoned by a Guy - Work on your seductive cues

Ensure good communication

Nowadays, there are hundreds of ways people can communicate; however, at times it seems as if we are not taking advantage of them. It is sometimes difficult to open up to someone that you may be romantically attracted to by the fear that you will not get the response you wanted. Even through a screen it can be embarrassing to deliver a rejection.

It is highly important to be clear and open about your feelings from the beginning. You might believe that you are sending him some obvious signs, but what he might be getting might be something else. Be brave and share how you feel so that you can avoid future hardships and to establish your relationship goals.

How to Avoid being Friend-Zoned by a Guy -  Ensure good communication

Know your chances

There are times when you know that you are “just a friend”, but you hang in there hoping that one day he might change his mind and start falling in love with you. While this could happen, weigh in on how likely this is to happen. If he has been honest with you that he doesn’t see the relationship moving forward, then you might be better off accepting that both of you are not the perfect match.


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How to Avoid being Friend-Zoned by a Guy
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How to Avoid being Friend-Zoned by a Guy

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