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5 Mistakes Men Make When Flirting With Women

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 29, 2017
5 Mistakes Men Make When Flirting With Women

Nobody said that winning over a girl was easy. It's true that women can commit terrible mistakes when flirting with men but guys their fair share of gaffs. This is especially true when men believe that the best way to get our attention is overwhelming us with their ego or throwing way too much praise at us.

Do you want to get a woman to notice you but you are afraid to screw up? Here at OneHowTo we reveal the most common 5 mistakes men make when flirting with women so that you can check yourself in time!

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  1. Showing too much interest
  2. Too much praise or romance
  3. Trying to impress us at any cost
  4. Pretending to be so tough
  5. Talking about his ex non-stop or referring regularly to sexual experiences

Showing too much interest

You must understand that women like subtlety. If a guy does not pay enough attention we may get angry because he has hurt our ego, but if he shows too much interest we get bored because there is no mystery in the matter or we feel hurt because we think he's only paying attention in order to flirt and not because he actually cares.

This is one of the classic mistakes men make when trying to flirt with women, and it can directly lead to failure. You must let her know that you like her, that you are interested in her but without exaggerating; if she's observant, she'll know when a man likes her and excessive interest becomes superfluous.

Too much praise or romance

We hate men that drool! Everybody likes a compliment every now and then, but telling a woman how beautiful she is and how amazing she looks every five minutes can get quite overwhelming, even creepy. Let alone taking every opportunity to hold her with arms like tentacles, or waking her up each morning with corny romantic texts...

Women do not want or like that. Don't overwhelm her with conventional romantic gestures - this is one of the biggest mistakes men make when flirting with women. Romance is wonderful, and a great part of any relationship, but it should be used with intelligence and only after some time, once you really know her as a person and genuinely feel affection for her.

This is the only way that romance can become real. Before this point it will be seen as a cheap strategy for seduction.

Trying to impress us at any cost

All women have met the type of guy who flirts by trying to pass himself off as an all-powerful superman, or the ultimate macho, or by telling them oh so impressive tales about having traveled the world, having three cars, a motorcycle and even a helicopter, or about how he's the best at this or that. Don't do it. At all.

It is normal to want to show your best side when flirting with someone, but you must understand that excessive ego is very annoying and that, far from making you look impressive, it makes you seem like a perfect lout, without any humility and an important narcissistic side. No woman is really interested in someone like that unless she is the same.

Similarly, if she tells you about her jobs or hobbies don't start giving her advice and telling her what you would change to get better results.

Pretending to be so tough

Passing yourself off as a hard man to get can be a double-edged sword when trying to seduce a woman. It can sometimes turn out okay, because it shows her that you are not desperate. In other cases, however, it can go terribly wrong if the girl notices you are pretending and then just loses interest in you.

If you really like her go for it, do not pass up an opportunity and avoid making the mistake of coming across as not really caring, as she may not want to participate in this game any more.

Talking about his ex non-stop or referring regularly to sexual experiences

We know you have a past - we all do!

But when you're flirting with a woman, talking at length about your ex or bringing up all those wild sexual encounters that you've surely had to make a woman understand that you are passionate, fiery and an excellent partner is simply a bad idea.

The woman you're flirting with will probably not care one bit about what has happened before; she cares about what you are able to do and show in the present. So, if you want to successfully flirt with a woman, do not boast or talk about your past if it's not the topic of discussion.

These are the 5 mistakes men make when flirting with women. Have you noticed anything else? Tell us in the comments section!

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5 Mistakes Men Make When Flirting With Women