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Do Women Like Bald Men?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 3, 2019
Do Women Like Bald Men?

Feeling attraction for a significant other is highly subjective. What one person might find attractive in another individual is an personal preference. Stereotypically, it is said that women tend to look for men that have a sense of humor, are good listeners, are caring, are athletic and are highly intelligent. Baldness isn’t a trait or attribute that gets listed quite so often as a quality that women find attractive in men. However, baldness may actually make men look more attractive to women; as well as help add some personality and character.

In this OneHowTo article we answer the question: do women like bald men?

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  1. Shaved heads
  2. Bald celebrities
  3. No hair vs long hair
  4. Tips to look more attractive when bald

Shaved heads

The question of whether women are attracted to bald men is similar to the one that queries whether women like men with facial hair. Some men shave their face every day and will swear by the attractive quality of a soft and clean looking face. Other men prefer to grow out their facial hair for a few days so that they can trim it to look modern and sophisticated. As with facial hair, some men choose to shave their head because it may add to their sex appeal.

A large number of men will gradually turn bald as their age, but that will occur at small increments as opposed to all hair at once. Men in their 20s or 30s often decide to shave their head for aesthetic reasons and often end up liking how they look with shaved heads. Other men may choose to hide their hair loss or shave once their hair starts falling out. It may be that a fully shaved head is more attractive than a partially bald head.

Do Women Like Bald Men? - Shaved heads

Bald celebrities

Many celebrities have a strong influence on hairstyle trends and popular movements. Some men including Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel have shaved heads, which actually adds to their attractive score. Other popular names including John Travolta and David Beckham have had their heads shaved at one point in their careers, but that hasn’t impacted the amount of interest they receive from women.

It is often the influence of the media and celebrities that can contribute to a particular hairstyle being attractive or not. Many celebrities proudly show shaved heads and that has not deterred women from liking them more.

Do Women Like Bald Men? - Bald celebrities

No hair vs long hair

Men with shaved heads will most likely need to spend less time getting ready in the morning and will not have to deal with greasy, oily hair. As opposed to men with long hair, the benefits of having shaved heads may include added hygiene, comfort and practicality.

If there is a quality that most people expect from a partner is keeping optimum hygiene levels. Longer hair needs more care and treatment, which if not applied may contribute to looking ruffled, unkempt and lousy.

Moreover, it is argued that shaved heads actually make men feel more manly, confident and sure, which may help increase the chances of appearing more attractive to women. It may be that women look for a matching personality much more than a physical quality.


Tips to look more attractive when bald

There are certain tips you can use in order to appeal to women more even though you are bald:

  • Women will find a totally bald man more attractive than one with evident signs of baldness, especially if he is desperately attempting to hide the fact that he has a receding hairline.
  • Growing a beard will give you more of a personality and will make you look younger.
  • Follow these tips to hide signs of hair loss, such as using a hat or cap.
Do Women Like Bald Men? - Tips to look more attractive when bald

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Dale Montgomery
IAM guy with a bald head it's shaved smooth . I really love it shaved smooth. IAM looking for lady with a bald head to date then get married someday .
I agree on the totally bald compared with thinning if we mean with that bad combovers or overly long ungroomed hair which emphasizes the baldness and thinnes on top, while I think many women can be fine instead with buzzed or closely fade cut as alternative to clean shaven for balding men as it lends more uniformity and while it might not conceal advanced thinning like shaving does, it can show that the guy care to keep it trimmed and well kept, not letting it go or grasping to long fading locks :).
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Do Women Like Bald Men?