Can I Get Pregnant If...

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
Can I Get Pregnant If...

The human body works in a very complex way, so it's normal to have doubts in certain situations, especially when it comes to sex. Importantly, if you do not want to get pregnant, the best solutions is to use protection: condoms and contraception are the only alternatives which, when used properly, provide high protection.

Whether you're intending to have a baby or not, it is natural to ask questions, so at OneHowTo we answer some common questions regarding pregnancy. Find out if you can get pregnant if...

Can I get pregnant if I am NOT ovulating or in my fertility window?


Sperm can survive up to five days in your body. If you have sex a few days before you ovulate, it is possible for sperm to fertilize the egg.

It is true that fertilization is only possible during your fertility window or ovulation. But, since sperm can survive for days, and menstrual cycles can vary, using the calendar method is a risky method of contraception. Find out how to calculate your fertile days in this OneHowTo article. This method of contraception, called the calendar method, is widely used, and has a huge margin of error. You should also know that it does not protect against any sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Can I get pregnant if he did not ejaculate inside me?


If you and your partner had sex and, as a method of contraception, used the "pull-out" technique, in which he withdraws his penis when he ejaculates, there is a risk of pregnancy if you are in your fertility window. This is because:

  • Before ejaculation, a man secretes a fluid containing small amounts of semen, called seminal flow, which could eventually fertilise the egg.
  • Man often find it difficult to pull-out in time, running the risk that some semen ends up in the vagina.

If you wish to avoid pregnancy, withdrawal is not an effective method.

Can I Get Pregnant If... - Can I get pregnant if he did not ejaculate inside me?

Can I get pregnant if he ejaculated in my mouth?


For pregnancy to occur there must be direct contact between genital fluids. If you practiced oral sex and he ejaculated in your mouth, there is no way the sperm will fertilise the egg through the digestive tract, so you cannot get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant without penetration?


It is possible to get pregnant without penetration, provided that there is contact between both party's fluids. If your partner ejaculates outside of your vagina, but some of the sperm comes in contact with it, you may still become pregnant.

But if your partner ejaculates and you are both fully dressed, or if he ejaculates away from your vagina without having penetrated it, the chances of getting pregnant are zero. The sperm must travel through the female genital tract to the egg, and for that it has to come into direct contact with your vagina.

Can I Get Pregnant If... - Can I get pregnant without penetration?

Can I get pregnant if it's my first time?


You can get pregnant any time you have sex as long as you're in your fertile window and you are not using contraception. Being your first time will not prevent pregnancy, even if both are virgins you can still get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant if my hymen is not broken?


The state of the hymen has nothing to do with your ability to get pregnant. In many cases the hymen is broken even before losing virginity due to physical activity. In others this is just a thin membrane so the girl does not feel it break. However, whether or not it is broken, the hymen does not prevent fluid from going through and you may become pregnant.

Can I Get Pregnant If... - Can I get pregnant if my hymen is not broken?

Can I get pregnant if I have sex on my period?


Although getting pregnant when you have sex during your period is unlikely, yes, it is possible.

If you're a girl who has regular periods, it means that you are ovulating regularly, so the risks of getting pregnant when having sex during your period are practically non-existent.

However, in cases where women are irregular, under circumstances of much stress, or if you suffer from metrorrhagia, vaginal bleeding from the uterus can be confused with menstruation, so there is a possibility of becoming pregnant if we have sex during menstruation.

It is good to remember that whenever any form of contraception is not used, there are chances of getting pregnant.

Can I get pregnant if I'm on the pill?


The pill has an efficiency close to 99%, a percentage that is really impressive, so administered correctly you are very unlikely to become pregnant. But most women do not read the leaflet that accompanies the pill so they do not know in what circumstances its efficacy is compromised. Ignoring these circumstances can mean that it is possible to get pregnant on the pill.

Did you know?:

  • Antibiotics and various medical treatments reduce the effectiveness of the pill
  • If you do not always take the pill at the same time its effectiveness is reduced
  • If you are taking the pill and have severe diarrhoea and vomiting, it is possible that the tablet will not take effect, so you must use strengthened protection using condoms for the next 7 days
Can I Get Pregnant If... - Can I get pregnant if I'm on the pill?

Can I get pregnant if I use a condom?


Condoms are the only contraceptive method capable of preventing the spread of STIs such as HIV or HPV. They also have 97% efficiency when preventing an unwanted pregnancy, but for this they must be used correctly.

If you and your partner do not know how to put a condom on, how to store them properly or how to handle them delicately, its effectiveness could be at risk, increasing the chance of getting pregnant.

Can I Get Pregnant If... - Can I get pregnant if I use a condom?

Can I get pregnant without having an orgasm?


The pleasure experienced during sex has nothing or little to do with the ability to get pregnant. Whether or not you've had an orgasm, you can get pregnant if you have intercourse during your fertility window.

Can I get pregnant if he ejaculated in the bed where I sleep?


If your partner had no contact with you, and there was no contact between fluids, but he ejaculated on the sheets of the bed, you can sleep there without risk of pregnancy. Once the semen is dry, sperm live only for a few seconds.

If you want to prevent accidental contact with your vagina, then it is best to wash the sheets once semen ends up on them.

Can I get pregnant if he ejaculated in a pool, river, or bath where I am in?


Like the previous example, if there has been no direct contact with your intimate are when ejaculation happened, no matter if the semen falls into the pool water, river or bath in which both are in, there is no possibility of pregnancy.

Can I get pregnant if I took the morning after pill?


The emergency or morning after pill has an effectiveness of between 75% and 89%, depending on how quickly it is administered and the circumstances in which it is taken. But since it is not a regular use contraceptive there is always risk of pregnancy after ingestion. Remember that if you have taken it, it is because you suspect that you were in your fertility window when the sex occurred.

The morning after pill does not work like an abortive, it is simply an alternative emergency solution.

Can I Get Pregnant If... - Can I get pregnant if I took the morning after pill?

Can I get pregnant if we had anal sex?


If you have done only anal sex without vaginal penetration and without any contact between the semen and your vagina YOU CAN NOT GET PREGNANT. The rectal tract is not connected to the uterus so, like oral sex, it is impossible if your partner ejaculates in your anus to get pregnant.

However, if there is contact between his penis and your vagina, especially between fluids, and you are in your fertility window, there is a risk of pregnancy.

To clear up your doubts

The best way to clarify your doubts about fertility and the functioning of your body is visiting a gynaecologist.

Every woman is different, but a good gynaecological evaluation will allow your specialist to detect if you are a person with regular, healthy menstrual cycles or if you have a particular condition, what the best contraceptive for you is and how you should take it.

If you already have an active sexual life, or are considering having one, it is essential to visit your gynaecologist and clear up all your concerns.

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Can I get pregnant if he didn't ejaculated to my vagina and it was my fifth day in period and I usually gets periods in 30 th day of last periods?
Hi, I have been missing my period about 5 months but I used cinnamon n milk the other passed weeks then suddetly my periods are back at heavy point, n it does happen to me every time of the year, is the any possibility of me being pregnant um a women of 26 yrs,
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Taki,

Have you taken a pregnancy test or had any other symptoms of pregnancy? Your safest bet is to go to a gynecologist to make sure.
There are other reasons why your period might not have been coming during the past months:

Take care
i was on the pill for my first month and on the 3rd row i missed 3 pills on each day we had sex. on the 3rd day i spotted but did not have my period i have yet not gotten my period but i am very irregular i have not been feeling well at all. i have taken 3 pregnancy test all came negative but the truth is i dont know when i was actually am supposed to start my period my symptoms are all misguiding me. Could i be pregnant and still get negatives?
OneHowTo Editor
Yes, you can still be pregnant even though a test may be negative. Your best bet is to visit a gynecologist to find out for sure if you are pregnant or not.
Hope this helps
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