Using condoms

Tips For Using Condoms

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
Tips For Using Condoms

Condoms, when used correctly, protect you from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It is not difficult to use them well, but remember a few tips when the time comes to put a condom on.

You'll need:

  • Condoms
  • Water-based lubricant if you want to facilitate penetration
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Steps to follow:


First of all make sure you know where it came from. The most recommended and reliable way is to buy them at a pharmacy, erotic shop or supermarket. Never keep them in places where they can become very hot nor in places where there is excessive moisture, because the latex could deteriorate. Also, don't keep them in places where there is direct sunlight.

Tips For Using Condoms - Step 1

Check the packaging before use. If the envelope is crumpled, worn or broken, do not use the condom. Check the expiration date, never use an expired condom. Look for the EC registration on the wrapper, it verifies that it is sanitarily approved.

Tips For Using Condoms - Step 2

Handle the condom with your fingertips. Never open the package with your mouth, fingernails, scissors or sharp or pointed materials. Open it from the side and remove the condom wrapper with your fingers.

Tips For Using Condoms - Step 3

Check that the condom is not upside down. There should be an air bubble at the tip; if the tip is flattened or wrinkled, the condom is inside out. A good trick is to blow inside the condom, and you'll see which direction to unwrap it.

Tips For Using Condoms - Step 4

Place the condom on the tip of the erect penis with the part that is open facing downwards. Put the condom on before any genital contact and especially before penetration, whether vaginal or anal.


When you unroll it, the penis should be inside the condom, and use your other hand to hold the bulging tip of the condom shut so that no air is retained between the condom and penis. This area is the space where the semen will be retained after ejaculation.

Tips For Using Condoms - Step 6

If it's difficult to get the penis into the vagina, you can lubricate the condom with water-based lubricants. Make sure the lubricant is compatible with the latex.


Remove the condom after ejaculation when the penis is still semi-erect. Hold the condom from the base and pull it off. Hold it from the tip with the other hand so the semen stays in. Tie a knot at the base so that no content can get out.


Check that the condom is not broken prior to throwing it away. Never throw it in the toilet especially in public areas.

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  • Use a new condom every time you have sex. Also change the condom if after anal penetration you want to have vaginal penetration.
  • If broken, go to the medical centre or the nearest emergency room. Do not panic, but do not delay.
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Tips For Using Condoms