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Why Is My Period Late

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why Is My Period Late

When we're not planning on being mothers, missing a period in your menstruation can be a big worry. But a possible pregnancy is not the only reason we may have irregular periods. If you are certain you're not pregnant, but your period is still not here on the right date, Onehowto.com would like to explain why your period is late.

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Steps to follow:


If you're having intercourse it's important you rule out a possible pregnancy first. You can start by calculating your fertile days in the past month to evaluate if you have had sex on these days of bigger risk, in case of doubt, it's best you take a pregnancy test. However, for the test to be reliable you must have missed your period from 10 to 15 days at least.

If you're sure this isn't the cause, there are also many other possibilities which can explain why your period is late.


If you usually have regular period cycles, you should know that there is still a chance your period is four days later than you'd usually expect it to come. This happens because your body is not a perfect clock and there are many factors which can produce these alterations.

In the case of women with non-regular periods, your period can be late for as long as one week.


Important stress conditions are one of the main causes for missed periods. If you have been under a lot of stress lately, it can be the cause.

You should know that there are several tricks to make your period come.


If you have recently travelled and have been exposed to very different time zones from the ones you are used to, for example travelling from Europe to Asia or America, it's normal for your period the be late, as the functions between your brain and the ovary can be affected by time zone changes, specially if you're not travelling for many days.


Taking specific prescription drugs can also affect your period's arrival, that's why it's useful to always check the package leaflet before starting a medium or long-term treatment to know what possible secondary effects it can have on our health.


If you have lost a considerable amount of weight during the past month, may it be because you're on an intense diet, you have radically changed what you eat or due to some kind of disorder, it's very possible you're missing your period several times. It's convenient to remind you that what we eat reflects on the type of menstrual cycle we have. In the same way that someone totally gets rid of fat in her diet, will even stop having her period completely.


Endocrine problems can also reflect in irregular menstruations and late periods. If you have missed your period quite a lot lately, it's convenient to visit your gynecologist.


Whilst you are waiting for your missed period, it's important to stay calm, as the more stressed you get, more difficult it will be for your period to regulate. If 7 days have passed since your period should have arrived, go to the gynecologist to get a complete check-up, to rule out an endocrine condition,an ovarian cyst or any kind of condition.


If your periods are frequently irregular, it's also important you visit your gynecologist for a complete check-up to detect the cause of your condition.

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I always see my periods on the 27-31..but in March I had my periods ..my periods always come at the end of the month ...but April passed without me seeing my periods.what could be the causer..and at times my stomach might pain and stops.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Blessings

If you have missed your period there could be a couple reasons that explain why:

1. pregnancy
2. stress
3. weather and hormonal changes

We suggest consulting a doctor to see why you have missed your period

We hope this helps

Why Is My Period Late