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Coital-Alignment-Technique: (CAT) position

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 9, 2019
Coital-Alignment-Technique: (CAT) position

Are you looking to have stronger orgasms and a deeper connection with your partner during sex? Then, you have to try the cat sex position. Coital alignment technique helps both women and men climax to their fullest. This is one of the most exciting and pleasurable sex positions for women.

Are you wondering how to do the cat sex position? Are you looking for some new and fun sex positions for you and your partner to try? If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place! For more about the cat sex position, keep reading here at oneHOWTO, pictures included!

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  1. Coital alignment technique: cat sex
  2. The cat positions: how to
  3. Coital alignment technique (CAT): pictures
  4. Best position for male orgasm

Coital alignment technique: cat sex

The cat sex position is a Kamasutra sex position that we’re sure you and your partner have tried before without even knowing it! This is not a novel position BUT is still one of the best sex positions to help a woman orgasm. Do you want to make your girlfriend, wife or female partner climax? this sex position is sure to do the trick.

The cat sex position is one of the best postures for women who want to enjoy intense orgasms and enjoy an unforgettable sexual experience.

The cat is a position that, although part of the Kamasutra, is not usually done in bed. Read on to find out why!

Coital-Alignment-Technique: (CAT) position - Coital alignment technique: cat sex

The cat positions: how to

The cat is an ideal sex position for women as it manages to stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time. But, how do you do the cat sex position? Here are some simple steps:

  1. The woman should lie on her back and the man will stand on top of her, similar to "The Missionary" sex position.
  2. Once they are in this position, the woman will elevate her hips, in this way deepening and intensifying penetration.
  3. The man, instead of opting for the classic ‘in and out’ style penetration, should penetrate and thrust in circular movements.
  4. These movements can be combined with different rhythms to intensify pleasure as much as possible.

As you can see, this position is very similar to the ‘Missionary sex position’, but the main difference lies in the pelvic elevation and circular movements . Due to these changes, the area of ​​the clitoris is rubbed more intensely and the woman experiences an unequaled sensation of pleasure and excitement.

In the case of men, this position may be a little more uncomfortable than others and requires more leg and hip strength. However, he does have the benefit of taking control in this position.

And the best part? In this position, women can experience multiple orgasms because the body's posture is fully adapted to the stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris.

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Coital-Alignment-Technique: (CAT) position - The cat positions: how to
Image: Emedemujer USA

Coital alignment technique (CAT): pictures

In addition to the cat sex position, there are many other sex positions to help people orgasm easily! These poses are fully designed for those people who find it a little more difficult to reach climax. Take a look at these following sex positions with pictures for a great orgasm:

1. Spooning sex position

This is one of the most common sex positions to enjoy the ideal orgasm. Penetration in this position is deep and, in addition, both bodies are in complete contact with each other. Also, by leaving hands free, the clitoris and/or balls can be stimulated and played with.

2. The chair: dominating woman

This is another one of the best positions for couples who have difficulty reaching orgasms. In addition, it is a very loving and intimate position as both people are embraced. The woman, sitting on top of the man who is sitting on a chair, is the one who is in control of sexual rhythm. The rubbing sensation of the woman on top will stimulate the woman’s clitoris, while the man and she can also enjoy penetration.

3. Woman-on-top

And the third ideal sex position to achieve an intense orgasms is similar to the missionary, but with the woman on top. Thanks to the placement of the body in this sex position, the woman will be able to rub her clitoris onto her lover's body and enjoy an experience full of passion and pleasure. The man can help solidify a rhythm by holding on to the woman’s hips.

Coital-Alignment-Technique: (CAT) position - Coital alignment technique (CAT): pictures

Best position for male orgasm

So, we’ve been focusing a lot on making the woman orgasm. But men, we haven’t forgotten about you! For more on pleasuring a man, take a look at these following articles:

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Coital-Alignment-Technique: (CAT) position