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How to undress for a man - seduction techniques

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to undress for a man - seduction techniques

Like to surprise your partner with an erotic session that he'll never forget? Then how about if you do a cabaret-style striptease? It may seem simple but perhaps seems intimidating to you, and what's planned as a unique evening turns out to be no such thing. To guarantee the best results, at OneHowTo.com we'll give you all the seduction techniques so you know how to undress for a man and triumph

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Steps to follow:


This seduction technique isn't only one of the oldest but it's also really fun and erotically charged. The process of you slowly removing everything or your partner intervening in the process and undressing you, will be extremely arousing. So dare to try it!


The first thing to know while you undress for him with success, is to forget all of your insecurities. He'll enjoy your body as it is and you'll be in charge of showing him every curve of your body, so say goodbye to your imperfections and welcome confidence


Create an environment that promotes sensuality, dimmed lights, a soft candle lit room, a pleasant scent and if you want, play some sexy music that will go perfectly with the ambiance. Everything should contribute to the setting for fantastic sex


Dress for the occasion from the inside out. Choose the sexiest lingerie and other clothing that you have, that allows you to prolong the period of undressing slowly


Avoid complicated clothes such as socks, skirts with zippers, dresses that are difficult to remove, etc. Undressing for him has to be a natural process, so think well about what you're going to wear


Have him sit in a chair and begin the striptease. Always maintain eye contact, smile, go close, kiss and bite him, allowing him to interact with you and even letting him remove any item of clothing that you know will make him go crazy, for example, your bra. Create an ambiance where both partners enjoy themselves


Go slowly, there's no rush. Each item that you take off can be accompanied by kissing, fondling and rubbing to increase excitement and enhance the moment


Be flexible and spontaneous, perhaps the scene is so exciting for both of you that you can't finish the striptease without him ripping your clothes of and making love...so let yourself go and enjoy it

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  • Say farewell to your insecurities, choose your best outfit and get ready to enjoy the striptease
  • Try out this seduction technique and add a new and fun element to your relationship
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How to undress for a man - seduction techniques