Why does queefing happen during sex

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why does queefing happen during sex

A situation that causes discomfort and embarrassment in women during sex, are feared are inappropriate vaginal noises, also known as queefing, which emit a similar sound to flatulence. If it has ever happened to you and you felt ashamed or have not known how to react, do not worry because it is more common than you think. Read this OneHowTo article and discover why does queefing happen during sex.

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Is queefing normal in vaginal sex?

Queefing during sex is completely normal and it happens so often that all women may experience it at a given point in their sexual relations. It is nothing pathological and therefore you should not worry if it occurs, as it is part of a natural process of the body. Furthermore, unlike what is believed, these vaginal noises are not flatulence, nor do they give off bad odour or occur due to poor digestion by ingesting some kind of very heavy food. See below why vaginal noises actually occur.

Why does vaginal noise occur during sex

During sexual intercourse, the muscles of the female intimate area continually tighten and stretch which favours air entering and this becomes trapped in the folds of the vagina. When these folds are separated due to the movements exerted during intercourse, the air from the vagina causes a similar sound to that which intestinal gas produces.

As you can see, vaginal noises are normal in sexual relations and although they can generate discomfort and even embarrassment, it is best to play it down, accept them as a natural function of the body, and, of course, not let it ruin the moment and the excitement with your partner.

How to avoid vaginal noises during sex

Although vaginal noises during intercourse cannot be completely controlled, there are some steps that can help you reduce the entry of air into the vagina during intercourse. Take note!

  • Try new positions and set aside those that tend to produce more vaginal noises such as Doggy Style or Standing Doggy Style.
  • Vary the rate of penetration and prevent the man from completely removing the penis from the vagina. This prevents the pumping effect from occurring and too much air from entering the vagina during coital movements.
  • Strengthen the pelvic area through practice, for example, Kegel exercises are a great way to tone the vaginal muscles and minimize the possibility that vaginal noises occur during sex.

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Why does queefing happen during sex
Why does queefing happen during sex

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